Good Luck to LEO’s Stephen George

This is why we’ll miss Stephen:

In the quieter moments, however, this gig has afforded me the first-class opportunity to reflect on our city from a unique perspective. I am informed by the people who give Louisville its greatness, and I listen to them — always. The folks at LEO are some of the most dedicated and crazy junkies and hounds I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. So are the people we cover, despite what some have derided as overly negative coverage. My philosophy is rather simple: If we’re not arguing about something, we’re not advancing anything. For all its elegance and humanity, the world is also ugly and difficult. We have always tried to reflect those poles, and I hope we have succeeded.

But the best teachers have been our vociferous readers. Since we announced the coming changes on Dec. 1, your response has knocked me flat, humbled me, made me cry and laugh, dance and sing (in the privacy of my own home, this being the YouTube generation). Thank you for the phone calls, letters, e-mails, Facebook posts, and comments on blogs and websites. Even when you’re criticizing me or LEO, you’ve made me feel like a part of something meaningful, an ongoing conversation about how we can obtain that which we all seek: the best place to live, the best way to be, the truest versions of ourselves. In other words, some kind of happiness.

In the high moments I have been there with you, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Click here to read his entire goodbye letter.

It would be wise for everyone to follow Stephen’s advice. Record videos of yourself singing and dancing and upload them to YouTube. Especially if you’re an elected official or candidate. Then promptly send those videos to us for publication.