David Tandy’s Campaign Wakes Up a Bit

Yesterday David Tandy’s mayoral campaign woke up for a minute and sent out an email blast.

Take a look:

Just over a year ago Progressives across America came together and worked to change our political system and help elect a president who has made each of us proud. Here in Louisville we have the opportunity to do the same thing in 2010: elect a mayor who embodies those same Democratic values, has that same vision for the future, and provides the type of leadership we need right now.

David Tandy has represented the people of Louisville with honor and integrity as a member of Metro Council. He has been a strong voice for change, he has stood up for working families and has offered common sense solutions to the problems we face. He and his wife Carolyn have committed themselves to making Louisville a better place to live for their children, and for each of us.

We’d like to invite you to learn more about David and his policies for moving Louisville forward. You can receive regular updates on the campaign by clicking here, join our growing network of volunteers by clicking here, or help support David’s campaign by making a contribution online by clicking here. You can also follow our campaign by becoming a fan on Facebook by clicking here.

With your help and support, David will bring his record of leadership to the mayor’s office. Together, we will work for the open, honest, and responsive government we deserve.


Megan Brown
Campaign Manager
Tandy for Mayor

So. Uh. Far be it for me to tear Tandy down again (done that quite enough already with, you know, facts and reality), but. Uh. Um… Comparing him to Barack Obama? REALLY?

Love Barack Obama or hate him, he’s presidential-caliber, isn’t an empty suit, has never been afraid to speak with his constituency and doesn’t run from simple questions.

This city knows David Tandy. David Tandy is no Barack Obama. David would do himself and his constituents well if he just stuck to talking about David Tandy, what he’s done and what he hopes to do (and maybe, you know, stop running from people with questions).  Cause this whole comparing himself to the President?  It’s not working.

P.S. About eight of my various email accounts somehow found their way to David’s email blast list. Surely he paid for each and every one of those addresses, right?