Oh, Hey, It’s Jerry Abramson’s Year-End Top 10

Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson is trotting out this thing called “Top 10 Accomplishments of 2009” which his office embargoed until now because, you know, this information is so terribly time-sensitive.

They’ve even included a fancy graphic:

So let’s take a look at his, um, “accomplishments” – k? Here they are, straight from the press release:

  1. New jobs for Louisville – GE Appliance Park announced plans for 830 new jobs to build “green” appliances, Ford Motor Company will invest in new fuel-efficient vehicles at its Louisville plants and RecoverCare will move its corporate headquarters from Philadelphia to Louisville.
  2. Overcoming disasters – From the January ice storm to the August flash flood to the global economic recession that sapped city tax revenues, the city was battered and bruised. But with hard work and determination, Louisville quickly pulled itself back together.
  3. Decreasing crime rates – Louisville saw a 12 percent decrease in violent crime and an 8.5 percent decrease in property crime rates from the previous year, the largest declines in seven years based on preliminary numbers.
  4. MetroSafe opens – For the first time since merger, all of Louisville’s 911 dispatchers and emergency management staff are operating out of one location. The state-of-the-art MetroSafe facility, at 5th and Liberty, is considered one of the elite emergency communications systems in the United States.
  5. Two new firehouses and a new library open – Louisville opened the Butchertown/Clifton firehouse and the Portland firehouse, part of the Mayor’s 21st Century Fire Plan. The city plans to start construction of the Beechmont firehouse in 2010. The city also built the first new branch of the Louisville Free Public Library in decades. The Newburg Library is packed with cutting-edge technology, computers and environmentally-responsible building features.
  6. Delivering on the City of Parks vision – The city completed Phase III of Waterfront Park with the Lincoln statue, announced a major expansion of Riverview Park in Southwest Louisville and unveiled plans for the first new park in the Floyds Fork corridor, part of the 21st Century Parks project. The city also added 11 miles of bike lanes and walking paths; 27 acres to Jefferson Memorial Forest; 7 new and improved playgrounds; three new spray grounds and upgraded five swimming pools.
  7. Successful H1N1 clinics – Louisville became a national model for how to effectively and efficiently vaccinate the population from H1N1 flu. More than 200,000 people were vaccinated, including a two-day clinic at Papa John’s that inoculated 22,000 and 50,000 school children.
  8. Major stimulus funding – The “Louisville at Work” team secured more than $400 million in stimulus projects that created and saved jobs across the Louisville region. The money is repairing interstates, improving schools, weatherizing homes, improving sidewalks and replacing an aging pumping station to protect west Louisville from flooding.
  9. Ohio River Bridges Project moves forward – Leaders in Kentucky and Indiana broke through log-jams that have slowed progress on one of the nation’s largest transportation projects. A bi-state commission is expected to develop financing solutions in the coming year that will pave the way for construction.
  10. Using technology to improve service – We continued to make government more accessible for citizens through the city’s ever-expanding website, www.louisvilleky.gov. Citizens can now view all city government expenditures, look up salaries of city workers and access services ranging from animal licensing to police reports. Louisville’s website has been ranked among the top city websites in the nation, four years in a row.

It’s almost New Year’s Eve or whatever so I don’t want to sink my teeth into any of these fancy “accomplishments” – so I’ll let you do that. But here’s something rather interesting: Jer’s office is only allowing a few media outlets access to the Big Cheese for a mere 20 minutes to discuss an entire year. Check it:

  • 9 a.m.: WDRB
  • 9:20: WHAS-TV
  • 9:40: WAVE
  • 10: WLKY
  • 10:20: C-J
  • 10:40: LEO
  • 11: WHAS Radio
  • 11:20: WFPL Radio

There’s your inside look at yer favorite cheerleader’s thingy, at the end of the year, right here on the internet.

6 thoughts on “Oh, Hey, It’s Jerry Abramson’s Year-End Top 10

  1. I wonder when Jerry is going to talk about years of mismanagement that happened under his watch and including some of his own cronies.

    How about the 29 million dollar shortfall in the city budget? The fact it took 3 months after the ice storm to start getting everything cleaned up? Or the fact that some of those piles of brush were sitting around on the edge of well traveled side roads being a hazard to people driving the roads.

    Or how about how Jerry and his management team managing city finances and giving away freebies to Cordish? I guess in Mayor Happy Pants view, that isn’t important. Not to mention this area lost around 30,000 manufacturing and production jobs that are part of a real economic decline. Who was the mayor from 2003 until 2009? Jerry Abramson of course.

    Not to mention the collapsing infrastructure that he prominently brags about. Does the fool actually ever drive these city streets in the SW, South, even Southeast city much less anywhere downtown. The MSD is 2 billion dollars in the hole according to Bud. There’s probably a 100 other scandals including the Kentucky League of Cities but I’m sure that there is enough here to show what kind of crooks we have in the Metro Government

  2. Good comments Bill!,,,,Jerry thinks everyone has Short memories , & believes He’s smarter them everyone else. He’s such a crook!….He couldn’t hold up to a real public confrontation of direct questioning.

  3. Lets keep fairy boy out of Frankfort.He will try to make Kentucky a right to work state and then we will all be screwed

  4. Best news of 2009, is that on January 1st, 2010 there’s only 306 days left before we have another Mayor. Purchase your booze, beer and horns. We can have 2 New Years’ Eves in 2010 – 1 on November 2nd and the other on Dec. 31st!!!

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