Post-Holiday Monday Waking Up Madness

Donorama starts tomorrow. Give blood to save lives. [Reminder]

Somebody at the Courier-Journal just noticed East Market Street. You already know everything mentioned, but it’s a good read. [C-J]

Tricare is reconsidering Humana and UnitedHealth bids for a $21.8 billion contract. [Business First]

Patrick O’Shea’s is set to open any minute now on Main Street. And it is awesome to see that block come alive again.. [Broken Sidewalk]

Remember devil lady Anne Northup? She’s baaaack. And now she’s writing op-eds in the Wall Street Journal about how child-safety laws are killing American jobs and businesses. What she really means is child safety laws are killing child labor in China. She needs to go back to KT’s and Old Fashioneds. [WSJ]

Proud to see Crescent Hill named one of the south’s ten best comeback neighborhoods. [Southern Living]

Looks like Chuck Cash of Metro Planning is retiring. Will this end up being a hot mess? [C-J]

Anybody from the Abramson or Beshear Administrations want to try telling me Jerry Abramson isn’t on the ticket to help Cordish Cos out in the long run? Not just with gambling, but with free money? [Washington Post]

Here is evidence that Michelle is trying to give us a heart attack. [Consuming Louisville]

Perfect example of what’s wrong with Louisville: putting the interests of youth on hold in order to save some rich dude’s back yard. Jerry Abramson and the four or five families that control everything in Louisville just can’t be bothered with non-wealthy riffraff. [Sheldon Shafer]

Was the individual responsible for driving a car into a store at Westport Village in a Toyota? [WHAS11]

4 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Monday Waking Up Madness

  1. Jake –

    Don’t leave us hanging dude!

    WHO are “the four or five families that control everything in Louisville”?

    Is this simply conjecture or is this even remotely based on any fact?

    I’m supremely curious about your view on this matter. WHY? Because I have maintained for more than 2 decades that a relatively small number of people control a lot of what happens in Louisville/Jefferson County.

    Perhaps you could publish a column about this topic: Who REALLY controls Louisville!

    Abramson is THE figurehead.
    Who really pulls his strings???

  2. Jake,

    I think you’re onto something here about the few that control Louisville. Whether it’s four or five families or twenty families, things in this city have stayed too stagnant for too long under Jerry Abramson and the council. One has to wonder who truly does pull the strings and for what reason do they keep progress, economics, etc from improving the area. It’s almost like they are neocons in disguise hiding behind a Democratic mayor who pretended for years to be working for the people.

    Keep the wages down, keep the jobs scarce, and run out a wide variety of jobs and industries. Meanwhile keeping low wage service employment. A strange concoction of ideas but feasible for those who want to keep things backwards. After all, they made their money and get to trust fund it to their kids. The rest of us end up suffering in a lot of ways from their control and largesse. Just like what we have experienced under the Abramson regime.

    You don’t see this lack of progress in most places with Democratic mayors because they are trying to find ways to improve the community not hold it back. Granted the ideas are sometimes flawed but at least they are trying. Jerry Abramson is about regression and regressive policies that hurt everyone that doesn’t have millions in property holdings, stocks, bond, cash.

  3. WELL!…..IT’s about time some people can see thru the manufactured smoke screen in the Jerry Abramson & Cordish scheme!….If eventually you don’t see the play for Gambling at Cordish owned / controlled property in Louisville, Mayor Jerry will turn Straight!

    With the Obvious colusion in the GOBS!! of Free Money given to Cordish, Got5ta make anyone with half a brain seesthe underlying plan! And just realize even an AHole like Abramson isn’t taking all this heat by spitting in locals faces, unless he4’s got so skin in the game.You can bet there are a million ways over Cordish will compensate Jerry. Just look up and see how much Cordish has given Abramhoff, just look that name up. According to the FBI Cordish has given him in the neighborhood of 1.275 BILLION,….Correct! Billion!…..

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