Happy Monday! Thanks for Short Work Weeks

Dear mayoral campaigns: Care to tell me which Fischer Campaign staffer drives a black Jeep Cherokee?

I love that Greg Fischer is afraid to make his own statement on crime in this community. And I further love that he sent a super-rich guy who lives at 1400 Willow (Greg’s rich sister and other folks live there) to tell the media there’s no crime problem and that the mere suggesting that we should add additional police patrols is silly. Keep it up, folks. Keep telling the public there’s not a crime problem. Keep allowing the super-wealthy folks living in a park tower that’s lined with marble and gold (literally) to speak on every issue. And if Louisville is so safe and crime-free, why is Chief Robert White living in an elitist East End community? Why is the man so afraid to visit the West End? Nice. [C-J]

Ambassador Matthew Barzun was spotted in Copenhagen. [Ambassador’s Journal]

Cordish field of Schemes in Las Vegas. And in other places. Talk about an Abramson hot mess of a legacy. [Read All About It]

Tom Burch, who has a history of flip-flopping, illegally asking for favors for supporters and occasionally being spineless is making crap up again. Burch says Jim King has a plan to cut funding for the QCCT. But the facts don’t back Burch up. King never proposed cutting funding. That talking point came from the Fischer Campaign. [C-J]

You thought you had it bad here in Louisville? Lexington’s mayor wants everybody to die in a house fire. For real. And the Vice Mayor has to fight him on it. [Page One]

Looks like Joe Ley and East Market Street are about to get really fancy with some new and updated construction. [Broken Sidewalk]

Are these really the top Kentucky stories of 2009? [WHAS11]

Rep. John Yarmuth will tour Dare to Care Food Bank this morning at 10:30 A.M. Folks should use this as a good opportunity to contribute to Dare to Care. [Press Advisory]

5 thoughts on “Happy Monday! Thanks for Short Work Weeks

  1. I’m guessing the Chief lives in the East End cause his wife liked the house and smart men know which battles to choose.

    Who’s afraid to go to the West End – Chief White? Not sure if that’s funny or delusional.

  2. The Chief rarely sets foot west of Headquarters, just ask the men and women who serve in the First or Second Division, or even the Third Division, how often the Chief has graced their door. I wonder if he even knows how to get there.

  3. To answer your question about which Fisher supporter drives a black Jeep Cherokee, look for the Greenebaum kid who did his senatorial campaign tv spots!!
    As for the ‘rich guy’ who lives in The Willow who complained about King’s press conference on the police who was described in the CJ headline as a ‘Prominent business Leader” — he’s not too rich since his trailor company that hauled Fords from the Ford plants has filed for bankruptcy!!! Interesting how facts never get in the way of the CJ!!

  4. “…who has a history of flip-flopping, illegally asking for favors for supporters and occasionally being spineless is making crap up again. ”

    Dude! For a minute there, I thought you were talkin’ bout the MFL!

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