Put the Lunsford Rumor to Bed

Here’s the deal, folks: Joe Gerth was incorrect (he was misled?) on Comment on Kentucky. There are no indicators that Bruce Lunsford is running for mayor of Louisville.

That’s a rumor that was started by a political campaign manager-type (when he thought his candidate was a goner – even though he denies it) by calling a reporter a couple weeks ago. It then spread to the West End of Louisville and throughout gossip circles to the Fischer Camp, where a few folks got nervous and spread it even further.

So, dear journalists, can we leave the rumormongering up to ME and you kids just stick to what you know?


(I think Bruce would make a great mayor – but why the hell would he want to wade into THAT mess?)

3 thoughts on “Put the Lunsford Rumor to Bed

  1. Maybe Lunsford has yet another 3-5 million burning a hole in his pocket to spend on a failed run for office.
    I do not think he could get elected dog catcher in Louisville but then again the dog catcher on the way out is a womens man like Lunsford

  2. Bruce Lunsford received 195,564 votes in Louisville last year. That’s 55.7% of the vote.

    Mitch McConnell won 155,333 or 44.3% of the vote.

    I’m pretty sure that means he can win and has tremendous name ID.

    For reference: Jerry Abramson only received 164,843 votes in 2006 when he had a do-nothing opponent.

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