Just How Frozen Are We This Thursday Morning?

Chris Thieneman should be wary of Kentucky’s campaign finance law if he wants to pass the smell test. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The University of Louisville’s winter commencement ceremony is set for December 17. [Press Release]

Ford is considering Louisville for an investment of $300 to $500 million to assemble advanced batteries and electric/hybrid electric cars if Michigan denies tax credits. [C-J]

Parking wars in Louisville are heating up. When will the reality series come here? [Phillip Bailey]

Listen to the story of Steve Beshear marking the midpoint of his gubernatorial term. [WFPL]

Watch a video of the Charlie Strong press conference. [C-J]

Doug Hawkins’ head is exploding because Jerry got his way with the firemenz. [WFPL]

Mayor McCheese plans to meet with small business owners today at 10:00 A.M. at Metro Hall to discuss job creation ideas. But the press isn’t allowed in until 11:20. Not exactly the openness and transparency required in government. [Press Release]

If Chris Thieneman isn’t trying to gain politically from Wayside-JCTCS, then why is he just cold forwarding emails exchanged with JCTCS officials to a certain member of the media without JCTCS knowledge? [Julie & Ellen]

The 13th installment of mayoral candidate Fairdale Bigfoot has hit the internets. Advice on holiday parties and the end of the world in 2012. [Consuming Louisville]

5 thoughts on “Just How Frozen Are We This Thursday Morning?

  1. I found out that I have two, one from last year, one from the early part of this year. I never received either one.

    I also never received any letter indicating that I had tickets, certified or otherwise. Therefore, I will not be paying those tickets, and if they boot me, all hell is going to break loose.

    Clearly the city is not being compliant with the law, but what is new there?

  2. When will Louisville realize that those of us who live in “Louisville” (suburban Jefferson County) tend to avoid Louisville like the plague, in part, because of the parking situation. I’ve parked at a meter during metered hours about four times in my life. One of those resulted in a ticket, even though I had time in my meter when I returned. The meter had a sign above it, obscured by trees, marked NO PARKING 3 – 6 PM. Had I not returned when I did, I would have had a ticket AND towing fees to pay.

    Ever since that experience, my view of downtown Louisville has been that parking enforcement is more important than police presence, and that the dollars raised by parking tickets are more important than those raised by visiting businesses in the area. Perhaps it is silly to feel that way, but I’d imagine I’m not alone.

  3. Crutnacker,

    You’re not alone. I don’t waste my time going downtown unless its to someplace that I can park for a single event type of thing such as 2 bucks or so at the Crab Shack.

    I certainly don’t make the attempt to visit downtown Louisville that much one because of crime issues and the other because of the parking issues that spring up. When I do make it downtown, I usually go during the day. I find it particularly crazy that you might go to the downtown library for an hour or two and pay there. Then have to go to a government facility to pay there. As well as if you do want to go to any downtown restaurant, get ready to pay again.

    I’m not particularly against government getting revenue from some parking. Not to mention any private business has the right to charge what the market will bear.

    But in the case of the current policies towards parking enforcement and parking issues, they can kiss off. They are the ones who are spending millions if not by the time all this is done billions on downtown Louisville. I don’t really need what they have to offer so I skip it.

    There is certainly enough nightlife in the Highlands or Frankfort Ave. for anyone not to mention all kinds of places anywhere east of downtown. Shopping downtown is certainly nonexistent. Maybe if Louisville ever can put a Circle Center type facility into play and get the parking and downtown issues fixed, I might make it there.

    However at this point, they have been pretty much unfriendly to most anyone. Including small business, job creation, and all the rest of their policies. Some are needed for society but a lot of them are just heavy handed.

    Which is why a lot of Louisville residents don’t frequent downtown unless its a special event like Thunder etc. Its going to be interesting how the whole thing with the arena is going to play out and how that will change downtown.

    But for most of us and that counts for 713,000 people plus surrounding counties, its not that big of a deal. Which is why one November evening at 830 pm, 4th street was dead as a mortuary. Maybe it was a slow Friday but it seemed to me that other cities at that time have a much more vibrant downtown including a neighbor up the river from us.

  4. “Dire Warning to UofL Honchos”

    Please keep administrative adulation to a bare minimum at this month’s commencement ceremony. I have not been at such events since the Felner Monster narcissistically overwhelmed the defensless audience with elephantine PR-displays about himself. Commencement is for the students, not about-to-be-convicted moral predators (I assume any who are left would pale in comparison to Blobby).

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