It’s Tuesday Morning. Know Where Your Mayor Is?

Jefferson County Public Schools enrollment is down a bit. [Toni Konz]

IBEW Local 369 along with IBEW Local 2100 endorsed Greg Fischer yesterday. [Press Release]

Louisville music festivals could be missing the point. [Loueyville & More Loueyville via WFPL]

Wow: who would have thought opera was sung there? [Broken Sidewalk]

Buy a bike for someone in need and get an early stream of a portion of Ben Sollee’s new album. [Oxfam America Unwrapped]

Jerry Abramson and GLI’s Joe Reagan will make an economic development announcement this morning at a 10:00 A.M. press conference. [Media Advisory]

State of Affairs discussed child abuse in Kentucky on the radio yesterday. [WFPL]

The Kentucky Supreme Court will soon hear a case that raises the question of whether a woman who becomes pregnant and goes to term in spite of a drug problem may be prosecuted under existing Kentucky criminal law. [KY Supreme Court]

Dear old men: stop kidnapping and biting people! [WHAS11]

We really are lucky to have decent water in Louisville. Cause there are millions in this country drinking dirty, nasty junk. [NY Times]

You think Louisville politics are corrupt? Wait till you read about the taint of Rep. Keith Hall in Eastern Kentucky. [Page One]

9 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday Morning. Know Where Your Mayor Is?

  1. “Dear old men” – what’s age got to do with it? You don’t mention his race, religion or sexual preference.

  2. You could, you know, click the link and see that the entire story is about three sentences long and the only detail offered is the dude’s age.

  3. My 2 year old bites or is bitten some other 2 year old at his daycare weekly. Not a story.

    A 72 year old dude biting people is a story.

  4. I didn’t ask for a comparison with 2 year olds. Make the comparison with a 25 year old, Mark. Tell me what is extraordinary about a 72 year old doing this thing? I’m learning here. You guys are teaching me something.

  5. Yes.

    I have a consistent history of hyping stories that involve biting.

    One included my neighbor who broke into a home, biting a five-year-old on the ear.

  6. KYGuy has spoken Jake. You must refrain discussing anyone’s ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background or any other identifiable factor which may offend him or any other special interest group which may be created for the sole purpose of being outraged at your insensitivity.

    Next time adjust the story accordingly:

    “John Doe (age being withheld) is charged with kidnapping, assault, wanton endangerment and terroristic threatening.

    Police say he hit a person (gender withheld) several times on the face and head, giving he/she two black eyes.

    They say the individual (name, gender and name withheld) was also bitten on the arms.

    Officers say Doe threatened the person’s life and kidnapped her/him for 18 hours.

    Editor’s note:

    The biting incident should not be construed as being enacted out of hunger or any other motive which may suggest that the attacker is financially disadvantaged. Likewise, the biting victim may or may not have been overweight or having any other characteristics which may have make them appear more visually tasty to the attacker.

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