Finally Friday. You’re Obviously Bored at Work.

Is anybody else’s head gonna explode if they have to endure another round of David Camm television coverage? The coverage will be worse than campaign ads. Especially now that Twitter exists. [Nightmarish Thoughts]

That Fairdale Bigfoot. He is so funny with his advice for faithless heathens. And he is gonna be your next mayor. [Consuming Louisville]

Local media is obsessed with sexting. Every day it’s a new sexting story of some sort. [WHAS11]

Apparently the Courier-Journal’s value is no longer news – but coupons. [Twitter]

HullabaLOU tickets go on sale today at noon. If anybody wants to buy tickets for us, just send them our way. [Click the Clicky]

Bill Weyland is awesome! Finally, another non-Cordish developer doing good things in our city! Somebody award this many dozens upon dozens of whore diamonds! Granted, nobody will ever be able to afford to live in the units he’s developing, but it’s still pretty awesome. [Sheldon Shafer]

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. Haha. Can’t breathe. [Wonkette]

I could be mistaken but it looks like the Taminator maybe harmed someone with some blue gloves? [Twitter]

Wayside wants to keep its hotel. JCTCS wants it for expansion. And Chris Thieneman has jumped in the middle to mess things up. JCTCS Communications staff say Thieneman met with them yesterday to work on a “solution.” [C-J]

Hope you’ve got a really good water filter because there’s no telling what’s in our water when it comes to poop. [FatLip]

4 thoughts on “Finally Friday. You’re Obviously Bored at Work.

  1. I’m not as angry with Hullabalou as Mr. Espresso, but it is a joke. I have different taste in music than most, but I can’t envision anyone who would want to see all the bands involved in this thing. I get that they’re trying to be eclectic and all, but that’s not how these big music festivals work. Also, I’m not a 50 year old white dude and I can’t stomach FPK in the afternoon, so I’m obviously not thier audience.

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