22 thoughts on “Janelle MacDonald Replacing Jackie Hays

  1. I think that is an excellent choice for WAVE. Janelle is one of the most top notch reporters in this city.

    ( Even if there isn’t much competition) Lol

  2. Janelle is top notch. It will be great to watch a young news reader that is not full of herself like some of the young snots that have hit the chair in the last 15 years.

  3. Local TV news is pitiable crap. It makes no difference who the blonde is sittin’ in the big chair at the big hours. It’d be nice to see Steve (Langford) require news with big words (pronounced correctly) and long sentences (with correct grammar and syntax).

  4. This is a good move for WAVE-3. Their weekend news team of Janelle, Andy, and Bob/Mike is the best in the market…weekend, weekday, morning, noon, or night. (Why they’re relegated to weekends is a mystery.) One man’s two cents………

  5. wow. there were so many women there waiting to take that slot….You have to think Connie isn’t too happy, and Miss Carrie can’t be pleased…then there’s Lori. Janelle’s got chops, but I don’t see her as a main anchor. Just one person’s opinion. They need someone more seasoned, like Connie. Connie is a fantastic anchor, reporter, she’s the package. Janelle is good but not good enough to fill such big shoes. I’ll miss Jackie, she’s been around for so long and is just a wonderful person.

  6. My goodness Legal, are you the most negative person ever? Jenny McLendon is ok, but not great. Janelle MacDonald doesn’t deserve this. Sheesh!

    Janelle is great at what she does. She totally deserves this. Anyone that has worked with her knows just how hard she works as a reporter AND anchor. That’s a rarity. Janelle’s about the most genuine person on the planet. It’s always nice to see great things happen to great people.

    No offense to Jackie Hayes – she’s a fine anchor and a fine person. Janelle will slide easily into her seat. She IS main anchor material, and having a good journalist as your top female anchor will encourage everyone below to work harder.

    It’s a smart move for WAVE- having Janelle in will keep or even grow ratings, and save the station money.

  7. Legal,
    I realize everyone has an opinion and that you enjoy sharing yours on this blog. That’s great. But I’ve noticed that you seem to consistently have disparaging comments about local TV news folks. On the one hand, I think Janelle is a superb choice for this role. And on the other, I think you should stop trying to stir up ill-will because of (apparently) a lack of anything better to do. Oh, and a very simple search reveals quickly that you are not now nor have you ever been an attorney, as claimed by you in posts/rants regarding legal issues. It’s okay to be a retired paralegal… not okay to imply that you were ever a licensed attorney.

  8. I guess i’m just partial to Connie. I think she’s just so solid and so easy to understand and listen to. No disrespect to Janelle, she’s great too. I guess I just like Connie for the spot. Like I said, just one opinion. I don’t think that’s negative, just a different opinion. I’m sure she’ll be awesome!

  9. This decision will help WAVE along with their prime directive of moving merchandise for Charlie Wilson, Furniture Liquidators, Sam Swope and promoting Alabama tourism. Prior to deregulation WAVE’s mission was: 1. Serve the community 2. Serve the employees 3. Serve the advertisers 4. Serve the owners. Under Raycom and Langford those goals have been reversed in order. Same story at all stations. Pretty news anchors, competent or not (and Janelle is one of the best), will not stop the rot from the top down.

  10. That’s broadcasting in general, KYGuy. I mean, the radio station that bills itself as Louisville’s news station “Depend on it”, closes their newsroom at 7pm! It’s about the bottom line.

  11. I think that most of you severely overestimate the impact that anchors have on a television news station’s content. It is true that they are the “face” of a given station, but that’s about it. Most anchors do little or nothing to drive content. Janelle’s an ok anchor, but WAVE still has shit for stories. That ain’t gonna change. They’re more concerned with “branding” than actually “investigating” these days.

  12. Anyone who wants to know why she was picked should compare her ability to anchor solo with that of Scott or (shudder) Dawne Gee. She is competent, professional, and can talk to her coworkers without it sounding cringeworthy. A good choice. Let’s hope they get the taminator for the weekends. (I keed!)

  13. The terrific travesty of commercial TV news is that the hardest workers — who bust their butts every day to make absurdly overpaid, leisurely anchors look stellar — make a mere fraction of what the celebrity talking heads make.

    What happened at WAVE is typical and predictable of a screwed-up industry. You’ve got three reporters, all of whom are good anchor nominees. So the first one you eliminate is the best reporter — the one you need most in the field.

    In a screwed up newsroom, you can be too good a reporter to become an anchor.

    Which wouldn’t be such an outrage if the best reporters were compensated even half as much as the main anchors.

    The conventional wisdom is that anchors make the obscene bucks because packaging draws the audience (sells the product) more than the content.

    I’ve never bought that, and I never will. Take the quarter-of-a-million-dollar salary a recently retired main anchor made, hire one anchor and four reporters — all at $50,000 — and see whether one familiar face trumps five hard-working professionals.

  14. Steve’s point is well taken. What scenario would yield better coverage? One high price anchor or one medicore anchor (whatever that means) and four hungry reporters who want that chair. I am not insinuating Janelle is mediocre, she has paid her dues and deserves a chance. The point of the anchor is to drive viewers to the tube like Conkrite or Huntley and Brinkley. They did it with their reputation. Jackie was paid what she was because she proved she could do that. John Boel does it for 32. However, some anchors drive viewers for different reasons. In the end, it doesn’t matter how , just that they do. Ratings is king, not content.

  15. Janelle gets the spot because she is flawless. She is young, single, extremely dedicated, talented, nice, great eyes, great chest, gorgeous, she is perfect.

    Carrie had the controversy with her divorce and horrible attitude.

    Connie is as bland as they come and really should just be a basic reporter.

    Dawne has as much of a screen presence as Jackie and now Janelle except she doesn’t get the big chair at 6 PM, plus with recent health problems and her minority status.

    Lori just lacks something, she is classy, can’t put my finger on it, but she just doesn’t seem like a top anchor.

  16. I think it is great that Janelle gets the spot. She is one of the best news personalities in Louisville and certainly deserved it.

    Speaking as someone who has met her a few times, she seems very dedicated to the news business and is one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

    I hope she stays on Louisville TV long enough to retire from here.


  17. I notice Janelle is not only doing the afternoon news, but the Sunrise show, too. If WAVE can talk her into doing weekends, they can get rid of ALL their other anchors.

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