David Tandy Flip-Flopping on Butchertown

The Butchertown Neighborhood Association is none too happy with David Tandy.

A couple weeks ago I shared the story of Tandy’s predictable flip-flop, just in case you need a refresher. Today the BNA as jumped on this very issue.

Check out the draft resolution (Warning: PDF Link) sponsored by Tandy, et al, that’s currently before Metro Council. Its goal is to keep the JBS Swift plant in Butchertown “for years to come.”

The resolution, according to BNA, is:

  1. In direct contradiction of the attached Butchertown Neighborhood Plan (Warning: PDF Link) adopted by the Metro Council on February 28, 2008 after years of multi-party deliberations, which included a land use recommendation (Warning: PDF Link) to “Support efforts to relocate the JBS-Swift plant operations;”
  2. In direct contradiction of the attached statement to the Board of Zoning by Metro Council President and Fourth District Councilman David Tandy, in which Mr. Tandy stated that he is “strongly in favor” of “developing a plan that would move Swift out of the Historic Butchertown Neighborhood in the near future and into a suitable location within Jefferson County”; and
  3. In direct contradiction of sworn testimony given by Mr. Tandy before the Board of Zoning just two weeks ago, on November 16, 2009, when Mr. Tandy again indicated he was supportive of and involved in efforts to relocate the JBS facility in Jefferson County, that a plan to do so failed as a result of the weak credit market, and that talks to find the plant a new home in Jefferson County would resume in early 2010.

Wonder how Tandy will sidestep this latest criticism?

You’d think a Metro Councilcritter running a campaign to be mayor of the state’s largest city might want to be a bit more open and transparent. Pipe dream, I know.

7 thoughts on “David Tandy Flip-Flopping on Butchertown

  1. The whole sensationalized “battle” between Swift and Butchertown could have been avoided if Mayor Jerry had ever been proactive about relocating the plant in Louisville. It should have been obvious that a growing residential neighborhood in a growing downtown is nowhere for a growing slaughterhouse owned by a foreign mega-producer (it’s not the same operation that was there in 1855 or even 1995). Failure of leadership has caused needless problems for the plant’s workers and neighbors alike. But don’t worry, David Tandy has shown that if he’s elected Mayor, he won’t know how to lead either.

  2. I think it’s much more simple.

    If Mayor McCheese and David Tandy had ever bothered to do what they said they were going to do – get Swift to abide by the law and zoning regulations – none of this would be an issue. And there’d be no real need for Swift to relocate.

  3. Get over it, it’s 1400 well paying jobs, the plants been there for years, it will stay, it will expand, the smell has been there for years and will be there for years to come. You don’t like it, you should move, cause this is a fight your just not going to win.

  4. I Tandy would make the requirements for a location public, who knows something might pop up. Any one know if Tandy even knows this info? Does the BNA know the requirements.Are they Seceret,You know? Trade Secrets????


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