New Year’s Eve Late Morning Time Wasters

Don’t worry! There’s nothing to see here. No crime in Louisville, at all, ever. Move along. [C-J]

Fairdale Bigfoot has returned from his holiday break. He’s back with his advice column and it is good. [Consuming Louisville]

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Turncoat. [Hilarity]

Move from New York put lawyer in middle of Butchertown’s fight over the pig slaughtering factory. I love watching Glenn Price pretend he’s cool with working for Swift. [C-J]

Now for some major geeking out:

The chickens are just cold taking over Louisville. It’s time for some major chicken sacrificing, I believe. [Broken Sidewalk]

An ultimatum has finally been issued for the house the dude from Genny’s (allegedly) always tries to burn down to develop an unnecessary parking lot. Somebody should buy the property and give it to me. [More Broken Sidewalk]

If you’re keen on Kentucky politics or just need a good laugh, check out the 2009 Rooties. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Check out this hilarious MySpace pervert video from Jack Conway. [Page One]

Since everyone in Louisville has common sense – even Doug Hawkins, sometimes – watch these mountaintop removal videos. [More Page One]

Smartest Newspaper Typo In Several Weeks

At first I thought this Courier-Journal headline typo was funny. Then the realization hit me: it’s not a typo at all. Kentucky’s budget is so screwed (one hundred million trillion dollar shortfall) and we’re so broke that there’s no way we can afford the entire word:

“udget” indeed.

That’s all we’ve got. Cause we’re not going to be able to afford a “B” any time soon.

Oh, Hey, It’s Jerry Abramson’s Year-End Top 10

Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson is trotting out this thing called “Top 10 Accomplishments of 2009” which his office embargoed until now because, you know, this information is so terribly time-sensitive.

They’ve even included a fancy graphic:

So let’s take a look at his, um, “accomplishments” – k? Here they are, straight from the press release:

  1. New jobs for Louisville – GE Appliance Park announced plans for 830 new jobs to build “green” appliances, Ford Motor Company will invest in new fuel-efficient vehicles at its Louisville plants and RecoverCare will move its corporate headquarters from Philadelphia to Louisville.
  2. Overcoming disasters – From the January ice storm to the August flash flood to the global economic recession that sapped city tax revenues, the city was battered and bruised. But with hard work and determination, Louisville quickly pulled itself back together.
  3. Decreasing crime rates – Louisville saw a 12 percent decrease in violent crime and an 8.5 percent decrease in property crime rates from the previous year, the largest declines in seven years based on preliminary numbers.
  4. MetroSafe opens – For the first time since merger, all of Louisville’s 911 dispatchers and emergency management staff are operating out of one location. The state-of-the-art MetroSafe facility, at 5th and Liberty, is considered one of the elite emergency communications systems in the United States.
  5. Two new firehouses and a new library open – Louisville opened the Butchertown/Clifton firehouse and the Portland firehouse, part of the Mayor’s 21st Century Fire Plan. The city plans to start construction of the Beechmont firehouse in 2010. The city also built the first new branch of the Louisville Free Public Library in decades. The Newburg Library is packed with cutting-edge technology, computers and environmentally-responsible building features.
  6. Delivering on the City of Parks vision – The city completed Phase III of Waterfront Park with the Lincoln statue, announced a major expansion of Riverview Park in Southwest Louisville and unveiled plans for the first new park in the Floyds Fork corridor, part of the 21st Century Parks project. The city also added 11 miles of bike lanes and walking paths; 27 acres to Jefferson Memorial Forest; 7 new and improved playgrounds; three new spray grounds and upgraded five swimming pools.
  7. Successful H1N1 clinics – Louisville became a national model for how to effectively and efficiently vaccinate the population from H1N1 flu. More than 200,000 people were vaccinated, including a two-day clinic at Papa John’s that inoculated 22,000 and 50,000 school children.
  8. Major stimulus funding – The “Louisville at Work” team secured more than $400 million in stimulus projects that created and saved jobs across the Louisville region. The money is repairing interstates, improving schools, weatherizing homes, improving sidewalks and replacing an aging pumping station to protect west Louisville from flooding.
  9. Ohio River Bridges Project moves forward – Leaders in Kentucky and Indiana broke through log-jams that have slowed progress on one of the nation’s largest transportation projects. A bi-state commission is expected to develop financing solutions in the coming year that will pave the way for construction.
  10. Using technology to improve service – We continued to make government more accessible for citizens through the city’s ever-expanding website, Citizens can now view all city government expenditures, look up salaries of city workers and access services ranging from animal licensing to police reports. Louisville’s website has been ranked among the top city websites in the nation, four years in a row.

It’s almost New Year’s Eve or whatever so I don’t want to sink my teeth into any of these fancy “accomplishments” – so I’ll let you do that. But here’s something rather interesting: Jer’s office is only allowing a few media outlets access to the Big Cheese for a mere 20 minutes to discuss an entire year. Check it:

  • 9 a.m.: WDRB
  • 9:20: WHAS-TV
  • 9:40: WAVE
  • 10: WLKY
  • 10:20: C-J
  • 10:40: LEO
  • 11: WHAS Radio
  • 11:20: WFPL Radio

There’s your inside look at yer favorite cheerleader’s thingy, at the end of the year, right here on the internet.

2009 Can Just Suck It, Right? Amiright?

Kinda puzzled that the Extreme Park warranted an entire editorial. But I guess defending Jerry Abramson one last time this year was a necessity. [C-J]

Here’s part two of the interview with Ambassador Matthew Barzun. [The Local]

The year is over. So what the heck happened with Metro Council? [Phillip Bailey]

Councilcritter Kelly Downard wants a refund from the Kentucky League of Cities. Naturally, Jerry Abramson nor David Tandy support the request for a refund. Jerry says it’s an “insignificant amount of money” ($40K) that it doesn’t matter. Kudos to Downard. Get our tax dollars back from Sylvia Lovely’s mess. [C-J]

An update on the tragic fire at the home of former Ambassador Cathy Bailey on Christmas. Aerial slideshow and such. [WHAS11]

The Sixth Annual Not Good For Nothing Quiz is upon us! [LEO Weekly]

Marty Meyer is officially filing to run for the 38th District State Senate seat against Dan Seum. Why do candidates try to make the act of filing for office a big deal when they’re already running? [Press Release]

In case you’ve got some time to waste – and you know you do today – check out these mountaintop removal documentaries. All the video is online and available for free. [Page One]

It’s Time to Support Jim Gray for Lexington

It’s a slow news day, so allow me to whore myself out for Lexington just a moment. I feel it’s important to share this with our local audience.

Lexington needs a fresh start.

The city needs a new mayor.

It’s time to send Jim Newberry (the current mayor – closely aligned with Jerry Abramson, share the same political staffers) packing. His lack of action during the Blue Grass Airport scandal, the library mess and as the Kentucky League of Cities fleeced the entire Commonwealth are reason enough to oust him as mayor. The CentrePointe scandal, which is a a whole different ballgame that’s got all of central Kentucky in an uproar, just adds to the pile. It’s just too much to tolerate.

I believe Jim Gray is the man to move the heart of our beloved Bluegrass forward.

That’s why I just became financially invested in his campaign.

Have you done the same?

Click here to make a contribution to Jim and to learn more about his plans for the future of Lexington.

I don’t like openly supporting candidates like this. I most certainly don’t like to give them my hard-earned money – especially when they’re well-off financially. But this is one of those rare times when it’s an absolute necessity. And it doesn’t hurt that Jim’s running in a non-partisan race with massive support from both Democrats and Republicans.

Fischer Campaign Still Lying About Finances

Dear Greg Fischer: Why can’t you stop pushing something that’s inaccurate? I can’t keep count of the times you’ve lied about being the fundraising front-runner. Your own campaign admits that’s not based in fact.

So why is this just about the only thing you tout in fundraising asks? (It’s not exactly wise to say you’re the top dog when it comes to money if you’re asking for more of it – just saying)


Can’t you find something else to promote – something that’s an actual positive? Please? Is there just not a more pressing issue in this city to discuss?

It’s Tuesday Morning & You’re Not Really Working

Since it’s really still holiday time and everybody in an office is just sitting around on YouTube or reading Cheezburger, posting will be light today and tomorrow. Because why not! It’s the holidays.

WHAS11 has the most unintentionally hilarious Twitter line of the week. Something about getting tough on bad bears. Heh. Yes, I went there. [The Twitter Machine]

Banned by Humana? Must be all those offensive mentions of things like coffee or delicious treats. [Consuming Louisville]

Wayside finally got the title to its hotel on Broadway. [Sheldon Shafer]

Fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here has turned out to be some dangerous bunk. [LEO’s FatLip]

This story about Daniel Mongiardo has his campaign in an uproar for some reason. But the campaign has refused to say why or provide additional information. [Page One]

All the more reason Kentucky needs comprehensive tax reform. Maybe some day Governor Beshear will wake up to that reality instead of poo-pooing something so hugely popular with the entire Commonwealth. [H-L]

Flying right now can be kind of a headache and totally confusing. Have you flown lately? What was your experience? [Huffington Post]

Ruh ro: It’s top albums of 2009 time. [Backseat Sandbar]

Silicon Valley to Stockholm: Meeting Barzun

U.S. Ambassador to Sweden, Matthew Barzun, sat down for an interview with The Local (published in English!):

Set against the relatively drab confines of the American Embassy’s utilitarian compound, the effusive energy of Ambassador Matthew Barzun can seem somewhat out of place.

After all, this is a man who helped define what it means to be a successful internet publisher in just a few short years, about the same time it took his current US government employer to figure out how to reformat diplomatic notes so they could be printed easily on a standard-sized sheet of paper.

And while Barzun’s time as one of the top fundraisers for President Barack Obama helped acquaint him with the gray suited, button-up world of official Washington, he remains a Silicon Valley entrepreneur at heart, bubbling with big ideas and ready to roll up his sleeves to make something happen.

Of course, he still has to make time for the everyday work of diplomacy.

Click here to read the rest. Just ignore the part where the writer can’t figure out what city Barzun and his family moved from (Google much?).

It’s a two-part interview, with the second installment coming tomorrow.