Wake Up With Your Head Spinning Today

Those 2010 Downs After Dark dates: Friday 06/11, Friday 06/18, Friday 06/25, Friday 07/02, Sunday 10/31, Friday 11/19. [Press Release]

JBS Swift needs a permit for its trailer parking. It’s got 30 days to apply for one. [C-J]

Another loss for the Louisville music community. The Amazing Mr. Fish has passed away. [WFPK]

The University of Louisville’s smoking ban begins tomorrow. [Press Release]

Yet another person running for mayor? [Rick Howlett]

Cyndi Young, a teacher at Noe Middle School, has been named the latest recipient of the WHAS Excellence in the Classroom and Educational Leadership Award. Three cheers for her! [Press Release]

On November 13 the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship celebrated its tenth anniversary by looking at the world ten years ahead. Folks from H&M and Mozilla were there. And so was Ambassador Matthew Barzun. Check out the videos. [Vimeo]

I’m shocked – literally shocked – that the Courier-Journal editorial board chose to ignore the fact that Swift willfully breaks the law and ignores zoning restrictions. Ha. [C-J]