Told Ya So: Berman Wasting Your Money

Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent Sheldon Berman loves to spend your tax dollars (and grant money) on fancy travel around the world.

Places like Austin, Boston, Orlando, Washington, California, Canada, South Africa.

  • He spent time in Manitoba, Canada with the director of the Louisville Zoo to visit polar bears. Berman says the trip was important because it drew attention to an endangered species. He got appointed to the zoo board after the trip.
  • He attended a lengthy conference in Cape Town, South Africa (with his “late night running buddy Natalie Stiglitz from UofL – of Robert Felner fame) during the last week of school, missing every single graduation. Berman said he didn’t alter his travel plans because it coincided with a personal vacation.

WHAS11’s Adam Walser had the skinny this evening. And he’ll detail Berman’s fancy credit card spending tonight at 11.

JCTA doesn’t think all of his travel is worth his $1,000-per-day salary.

Isn’t it a bit excessive?

Told you so.

I’ll update with a link to WHAS once the story is live.


Click here for the story.


Walser updated his story with details of Berman’s outlandish spending on the school district’s dime.

Laying off dozens upon dozens of employees while dining at the hottest restaurants around? Yeah, great job.


  • High-end dinners at Seviche, Lilly’s, Napa River Grill, Le Relais
  • $1,400+ at these joints?
  • Crusted sea bass, snapper, trout?