Good Monday Morning, You Sleepy Bums!

People still believe that “protesting” in downtown Louisville on a weekend – when no one is there – will have some sort of magical impact on what happens in Washington, D.C. [WHAS11]

University of Louisville graduate Monica Marks won a Rhodes Scholarship. Huzzuh! Good things DO happen in Louisville! She plans to spend two years at Oxford pursuing a degree in modern Middle Eastern culture. [Press Release]

The Ali Center is seeking $10 million for an expansion. It’s such a great place that we can’t wait for the center to receive all the cash it needs. So give generously, folks. [C-J]

Daniel Mongiardo is anti-choice and anti-woman. Just in case you missed it. Watch the video. [Page One]

The Herald-Leader editorial board once again shows its superior grasp on Kentucky by calling out the Beshear Administration for cutting corners when it comes to the environment. [H-L]

We took a huge step forward on health care in the U.S. Senate. But it’s funny how few people are excited about the move. Maybe because the people who really need and deserve access to quality health care in this country will still fall through the cracks. [The Hill]

Newspaper circulation really is worse than a it looks. No wonder the C-J fights so hard to push people to read the paper. [HuffPo]

When will the Courier-Journal push for tax reform like the Herald-Leader has done? [More Page One]