Gilles Meloche Scandal Day 4809823

Andy Alcock got his hands on tapes released in Dawn Simpson’s complaint against Gilles Meloche. And they are juicy:

“I’m trying to have a legitimate conversation with the guy and he walks around the desk and hugs and kisses me on the neck and says, ‘Aw, poor baby,’” Simpson told the investigator.


“’I really want to see you,’ he said. ‘All I keep thinking about is coming on the bus.’ That’s what he calls the bus, ‘And holding you and kissing you,’” Simpson recounted the voice mail.


Simpson said one time, she couldn’t account for documents or whereabouts of animal drugs and sent Meloche an e-mail about it.

“In the end, we figured it out, but he came to me and said, ‘Don’t ever put stuff like that in an e-mail because I don’t want anybody to know,’” Simpson told the investigator.

“What I certainly don’t want to see happen, there’s an investigation, he gets slapped on the hand and two months from now we’re back in the same boat we were before. That is what I fear I think the most,” Simpson said in the tape.

Click here to read/see Andy’s story in its entirety.

And Bennet Haeberle has this:

The complaint filed in May by another Metro Animal Services employee says Dr. Meloche “injected Sodium Pentobarbital directly into the heart of three kittens that were still conscious.”

One employee said she “was shocked” the issue had not been addressed.


“I told Dr. Meloche that prescribing medications without documentation was a violation of the Kentucky Veterinary Practice Act.”

Michelle Hensel says she never received any medication from Meloche or MAS.

“I never received anything. There is no documentation for that. Dr. Meloche has never delivered me any medication,” said Hensel.


“I think the atmosphere at MAS needs a big change,” said Downard.

Click here for his story.

Still, Jerry Abramson allows this guy to keep his job as head of Metro Animal Services. If that weren’t bad enough? Check this message from Meloche’s replacement showing just how close Abramson is to the scandal:

Organizer: Zelinsky, Wayne L
Sent: Mon 11/2/2009 6:05 PM
Required: Animal Services Everyone
Optional: Summers, Bill
Subject: MAS mandatory meeting – all employees (volunteers welcome)
When: Monday, November 09, 2009 3:00 PM-4:00 PM
Location: Yellow trailer

Mayor Abramson will join us.

Hopefully Alcock and Haeberle will ambush that fancy meeting Jerry plans to attend with a camera crew or two. Better yet, hide a camera on an attendee so we can get a look from the inside.

Hot mess, man. HOT. MESS.