Sources: Jenny McLendon Back at WHAS11

Our sources at WHAS11 tell us that former reporter Jenny McLendon will soon return to the station on a freelance basis.

McLendon left HAS in 2007 to attend law school at the University of Louisville and she’s scheduled to complete her program in May 2010.

In my opinion, Jenny’s one of the brightest journalists Louisville’s had in the past decade. So her return to television is most welcome.

8 thoughts on “Sources: Jenny McLendon Back at WHAS11

  1. What a colossal coup for WHAS!

    Jenny is one of the most natural stars ever to sparkle in this market.

    She’s a superb storyteller and a savvy, attractive, network-caliber reporter.

    Lookout, Liz Vargas!

  2. Don’t get too excited — it’s my understanding she’s just coming back for a few weeks to pitch in while the station is down several reporters.

  3. Sorry, but she’s not all that. Cute girl, and she does okay, but she’s not the high caliber reporter that used to grace the hallowed halls of WHAS. She’s just…Okay. Network caliber? That’s humorous. No one in this town is network caliber anymore.

  4. Well, whatever your opinion Legal I hear the station is really glad to have the extra help, especially with the holidays approaching.

  5. Isn’t this town cute?

    Bright women are ‘cute girls’

    Any potential ‘above average’ reporter/journalist/ opinion maker is immediately downgraded to ‘just Okay’.

    Of course, assuming the legal eagles of this cosmopolitan city are th e end all be all of personality opinions.

    Which they are not of course.

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