How Not to Make Endorsement Announcements

By dropping a major press release after the noon hour on the day before Thanksgiving.

Greg Fischer’s campaign just sent out a press release touting Fischer’s endorsements from three area labor groups: Laborers’ Local 576, National Conference of Firemen and Oilers/Service Employees International Union and the Kentucky Laborer’s District Council.

From the release:

Laborers’ Local 576 Business Manager Lawrence L. Winburn, Sr. commented, “Greg Fischer is the right candidate to lead Louisville out of this recession. After looking at all the candidates, it’s clear that he has the strongest record and commitment to job creation. In this difficult economy, we need a leader who understands how to nurture and grow the region now more than ever.”

Business Manager Mike Moses of the NCFO/SEIU noted that, “Greg Fischer has been a leader in this community and an advocate for the issues that are important to working families. The Service Employees are proud to give Greg’s campaign our full effort and support.”

Larry D. Tabor, Kentucky Laborer’s District Council President Business Manager, offered, “As the next mayor of Louisville, Greg Fischer will be an extraordinary asset not only to the people of Jefferson County but to working women and men across the state. That’s why our more than 3,500 members across the Commonwealth endorse Greg Fischer for Mayor.”

Great news for Greg Fischer.

But who the hell thought it would be appropriate to bury such a major announcement the day before the holiday?

We can has competent leadership? Plz?

Greg: You promised me on three occasions that this wouldn’t be 2008 Part Deux.

8 thoughts on “How Not to Make Endorsement Announcements

  1. is it really that surprising when fischer doesn’t have anyone with a political mind around him that he should make such silly decisions? he’s becoming the next bruce lunsford: a true perennial candidate.

    fischer’s got a fundraiser with no campaign experience outside of a fundraising gigs running his race, and he’s paying wayyy too much for his field staff who’s doing god knows what in november.

    king has fundraising help and his own posse, but no one special, just the usual suspects.

    and then allen, of course, thinks he’ll just talk the bridges into voting him into office.

    from what i understand, the talent is around david tandy–megan brown and jim cauley.

  2. David Tandy. Hahaha.

    David is currently polling (in both King and Fischer polls) just a few points above Tyler– which is super-low. He’s raising almost no money.

    And Jim Cauley? Really? He worked on Obama’s campaign– which won itself. He worked on the Beshear campaign– which also won itself with the help of Ernie Fletcher.

    And Megan Brown? Talent? She once worked for Jennifer Granholm and Jennifer Moore paid her $10,000/month to piddle around.

  3. don’t commit a red hearing, dear jake. i want you to respond to my claim.

    is it surprising that the fischer campaign is committing these sorts of blunders when they don’t employ anyone capable of even comprehending the implications of your story?

  4. What’s there to respond to? Other than the fact that you’re incorrect.

    His staffers understand quite well the implications. The sad thing is, though, that they chose/choose to ignore those implications. And that’s where everything becomes amateur hour/2008 Part Deux. Way worse than not understanding.

    I thought he was on the right track when he avoided hiring Larry O’Bryan, despite the protestation of Larry Clark. But whattya know? He’s still surrounding himself with none other than Larry Clark 24/7, the Beshear bunch and the Mongiardo (Greg thinks I don’t know that his family is supporting Lt. Dan – despite his claim otherwise – or that one of his major backers is pissed that Jack didn’t back Greg in 2008, meaning she is tacitly supporting Lt. Dan, as well) bunch.

    Just goes to show that you can have all the right progressives backing you. You can have all the right labor endorsements. And still give me constant fodder.

    And here I thought Greg Fischer would be everything I hoped he could be/he said he would be.

  5. jake, i concede the points about tandy, well taken. it’s easy to allow a superficial impression garnered from reading blogs and attending events to create an image.

    so the fischer crew may understand the nature of the beast, but choose to ignore.

    and i agree, jake, a decided choice to ignore political intelligence is far more concerning than simple ignorance. bad news for fischer.

    at least, in the Aristotelian sense, ignorance can be corrected through education (maybe you should continue to educate them with your well-written blog) . but it’s more concerning when convention and intuition are ignored. really bad news for fischer.

    larry clark is cantankerous, obnoxious, and cancerous to anyone trying to profess his or her self a louisville Democrat. it seems as though fischer has chosen the sticks to beat himself with when he loses: larry clark ad his morons on payroll.

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