Holiday Metro Animal Services Tidbit

Whattya know? Looks like Gilles Meloche’s right-hand man, Wayne Zelinsky, is also trying to move to Florida.

Specifically, he wants to be the city manager of Marathon, FL:

Kentucky resident Wayne Zelinsky, interim manager at Louisville Metro Animal Services. He was assistant manager there from 2007 to 2009 and has served as a police officer in Florida and North Carolina.

He’s one of 99 candidates who have applied.

Guess Meloche isn’t the only person trying to get outta Dodge.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Metro Animal Services Tidbit

  1. OK, why did they hire this idiot who has been a cop in two different states, yet apparently learned ZERO about the Fourth Amendment and illegal search & seizure in either one of them? I have trouble blaming the staff for anything illegal when their supervisors clearly don’t have a clue.

  2. Wonder if they’ll do a background check and find that he’s currently an INDIVIDUAL defendant in 3 lawsuits (possibly 4 by next week).

    Bye, bye!

  3. They allegedly hired ‘ole Wayne because of his law enforcement experience in his past three jobs although none of those were “long term”. You are right on JTT one would think that he would know that you don’t make up laws, conduct warantless searches and seizures, conduct searches and seizures with defective warrants or execute warrants in an unconstitutional manner. Even when the County Attorney and Meloche stated in a deposition that these did not occur, they did occur and even when private attorneys were warning the County Attorney’s office that these actions were unconstitutional and beyond the pale, they continued. No person with law enforcement experience should ever allow this stuff to go on. It is interesting that Zelinski is looking at a job that does not involve animals nor does it involve law enforcement. Verrrrrry Interestinggg.

  4. Too bad he’s able to use his ill-advised temporary position with LMAS to appear to have managerial experience. Hope those Marathon folks are Google-literate.

  5. Let him go……Just another reason that the shelter runs so poorly. You have people there that want to make it better and do their jobs right, then you have people that do not know how too. It really stinks. If you sexually harass people you can keep your job out there. Maybe I was going about things all wrong. Hmmmmmmm………

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