13 thoughts on “Hot Louisville Fire Department Rumors

  1. Perhaps he was not running his department right or killing kittens for fun and profit?

    Oh wait, you said suspended… this is Louisville, he’ll probably give his 2 months notice and then harass women and discuss his “intense” relationship with the Mayor.

  2. Paul Barth is employed by the McMahan Fire Department, not Louisville Fire Department, so mayor Jerry has no power over him.

    He is spokesman for the suburban fire districts and serves as Jerry’s boy toy for the independent fire districts.

  3. Have a resident of the fire district contact the Board of Trustees for the McMahan Fire Dept. They HAVE to answer to the taxpayers of their district.

  4. Rumor rumor go away will be back the very next day and the day after and the day after that. Shame. Shame on you mr. Barth.

  5. About time people learn what the real Paul Barth is like. SOB is finally going to get what he deserves for treating people the way he has for years. Can’t treat people like he does and not expect it to come back and get you.

  6. Ahh…everything in politics happens for a reason. Fat cat east end R’s grumble about their taxes paying for old city firefighters settlement. Meanwhile taxpayers in the east suburbs wake up to waste, fraud and corruption in their taxing districts. Has the day come to merger all our fire districts, including Louisville’s? Who knows, it may even benefit those SW districts that can’t afford the goodies that Harrods Creek, St. Matthews and McMahan get due to their higher property values.

  7. OK folks, ya need to get your facts straight here before you shoot off your mouths. The best thing going for the suburban fire districts is the fact that Mayor Jer has very limited authority over them. He DOES appoint 3 of the 7 board members on each district’s governing board. They each levy a SMALL property tax (can’t be more than 10cents per $100 of property value, that’s the law). ALL of them do a superb job giving fire service to the citizens. The Mayor has done nothing but screw the Louisville firefighters for years, and would do the same to the suburban ones if he could. Whatever Paul Barth is accused of doing pales in comparison to the $50 million settlement Mayor Jer cost YOU because his ego would not allow him to pay the Louisville firefighters according as the LAW required. He claims he inherited this from Armstrong. BULLCRAP! This dates to 1985. Who was mayor in 1985? He knew and refused to correct it. McMahan Fire District & the 17 others aren’t sticking it to you because of someone’s ego!! If you live in the old city limits, you pay about $37 cents per $100 property value for your fire service, which is EXCELLENT service!! If you live in McMahan, St. Matthews or Pleasure Ridge Park, you pay TEN cents per $100 and also get excellent service. Plus, Mayor Jer cannot close any of their stations on a whim or force them to cut back services, etc….. Also, ALL of those districts are subject to annual audits by a 3rd party CPA firm and most get rave reviews each year. They are a bargain. Just go look at what fire districts in other states tax and you’ll see!!

  8. Reply to oldtimefiredede. You know you are right about about most of you comments but someone has to say enough is enough. I think that board is tired of being run over by this Fire Chief and they have done something about it. This man has had his I am the King and that is the way it is attitude for too long and know look what it has done to him. His career in the fire service and his kiss butt political career is over even if he wins his case he is now tainted goods for good. Good ridence!

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