Courier-Journal Hilarity: Funny Demand

Stop the presses (the few that are left working as the newspaper industry – specifically the C-J – dies a hard, cold death in these techie times)!

The Courier-Journal’s John Mura just sent the most hilarious email:

Name: John Mura
Subject: courier-journal front page in your header

Message: Jake, please remove the header photo that has the
Courier-Journal honor box with our front page from your rotation. I
think folks could get confused about whose opinions are being
offered. Thanks, John


You read it correctly. The Courier-Journal is demanding that I stop using an image that features a photograph of the paper. An image (they’ll have to be more specific, as I have over 25,000 header images in circulation on various websites) taken in a public space on public property.

Does this mean they’ll be making the same demands the thousands of other websites that have featured the Courier-Journal’s likeness?

Like I told Mura, “No wonder the Courier-Journal and Gannett are falling apart. You think your readership is too ignorant to, you know, recognize they’re not visiting the Courier-Journal’s atrocious website.”

I couldn’t buy this sort of controversy and free publicity!


Thanks for the validation, Bennie & Keith.


Maybe the Courier-Journal should never again mention my name or websites I own without my permission? I fear readers may get the false impression that the paper’s reporters might have actually spoken with me when they promote me and my websites in their stories.


Actually, no, I won’t be removing the header images unless Gannett and the Courier-Journal sue me – giving me tons of extra publicity.

Why won’t I?

Because my websites feature nearly every news publication, station, outlet and forum in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Greater Louisville Area.

I will, however, photoshop the offending images to make it clear how terrible I think the the once great Courier-Journal happens to be.


Mura just sent me a screenshot of the offending image:


Unfortunately, I won’t have time for a week or so to spend the hours it will take to locate the image. A photograph taken in a public space on a public sidewalk, no less. But when I locate it, I’ll photoshop it to include some hilarious mockery.

7 thoughts on “Courier-Journal Hilarity: Funny Demand

  1. What about the CJ’s use of Max Gilpin’s photo from the PRP Football Website without permission and without compensation? What about Jason Riley quoting Coach Stinson’s letter to his supporters from without permission? They want to enforce rules that they don’t practice? Check out both sites and they are copyrighted with specifics to ask for permission. I guess this only applies when they are the offended party? I can’t wait for this rag to leave town. Sorry to the hundreds of hard-working folks that will lose their jobs but how can such a “stinky” newspaper deserve any less? I guess Ivory and the others decided to leave before they were force to admit that their leadership and poor business ethics caused a once great paper to die a slow and brutal death.

  2. As in “does he still need financial support” or “does he actually have friends?” The second question is obvious because how could a person that is so disliked raise over 100K in the worst economy in the last 20 years and not have any donors give over 1K each? Steve – you have been a constant doubter but even you could not help but listen to the evidence presented at trial and come to a different conclusion. Your attitude tells me you either hate competitive sports or you just like to push buttons. Whatever the case can you just say “NOT GUILTY” with me and in less than 90 minutes with lunch and a potty break? The question you should ask yourself is how the CA can live with himself after he wasted YOUR tax dollars prusuing something that should never have been in the criminal court system. That is the million dollar question.

  3. Define “you people.” Are you talking about white, black, silver, or blue? Are you upset that someone has friends and supporters and you don’t? What is your beef with Coach Stinson? Friends sticking together in a time of need or your stance against formal religion? Or are you just so far left that you forgot what you were angry for in the first place and decide anything that is center or right must be wrong? Just curious because someone who makes the statement must have a reason. I also noticed on your site that you are a Web programmer? Would you be interested in speaking to Coach Stinson’s Web Design classes at PRP? Would be a pretty interesting conversation but would require you to leave the safety and comfort of your keyboard for a personal and upfront with someone you have been bashing without actually knowing him. Isn’t the Auburndale area close to Fairdale and didn’t Coach grow up in Fairdale? Maybe you guys are related or even old classmates?

  4. Uh, sorry to burst your bubble, but this story has nothing to do with Jason Stinson and how he may or may not have been responsible for the death of one of his players.

    It’s about the Courier-Journal losing its shit because someone dared photograph one of his barely-ever-used distribution boxes located on a public sidewalk on a public street.

    Let’s stick to the topic at hand.

    Because I couldn’t give two shits about Jason Stinson.

  5. The C-J thinks they are like the Mayor, All Knowing , and the Smartest one in the room, they think cause they say something it’s So!…Take some pics of the C-J being used as bird cage linings, that’s about all it’s good for anymore…..You should buy an add in the C-J and post their comments to you….it would translate to new readers.

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