Wake Up or River Fields Will Steal Your Stuff

That mean Stephen George at LEO is so mean to poor River Fields! SO! MEAN! Hahahaha. Pee alert, folks. PEE ALERT. It’s gone mainstream. [WHAS11]

Ambassador Matthew Barzun shares his thoughts on eGovernment. [Video]

Karen Sypher was indicted on six counts including retaliating against a victim. [Ruh Ro]

Wayside got its fancy permit yesterday. [WFPL]

Can you believe this mess? Marilyn Parker is bogarting the Rand Paul money bomb idear. She’s begging people on Facebook to take part in the Marilyn Parker Money Bomb on Friday, December 4. I bet she raises literally tens of dollars. John Yarmuth is totally shaking in his boots. [Hilarity]

What? The Airport Board has a new chairman? Long live the airport board scandal! [Business First]

Fairdale Bigfoot is still running for mayor and he still answers your questions in a weekly advice column. [Consuming Louisville]

The old D&W Silks building is no more. Check out these demolition photos. [Broken Sidewalk]

Mr. Ivory is just not happy with Jim King and would have his staff write about bowel movements if he thought it’d take King down. It’s almost like this story was written for the purposes of dirty campaigning. Especially since it repeats over and over that incidents were mere allegations and that both parties now dispute them – one saying she embellished things and one saying they never occurred. [Joe Gerth]

1 thought on “Wake Up or River Fields Will Steal Your Stuff

  1. It still amazes me how we can allow special interest groups like River Fields to determine transportation policy at a time when we face many transport hurdles in this metro area.

    You would think some of the local would realize how building proper interstates and thoroughfares would ease traffic congestion and other problems. Instead of bottling up everything downtown and making it a mess every day and having mass amounts of idle pollution from people sitting on bridges.

    Somehow this area has decided to be quite regressive. When you see and visit other urban areas in the USA you will find a higher level of transportation infrastructure and often less congestion if it was planned correctly. Any time you have 70,000 people trying to get to downtown, you’re going to have some tieups.

    However, the local bourgeoisie wants it that most of the area is under their thumb from decades of bad transportation policy. That way instead of you driving 10 to 15 minutes across the east end bridge, you end up spending 40 minutes messing around driving around the area to get where you can quickly. And these idiots wonder why we have pollution issues in the Ohio Valley.

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