Alert! Very Important Chase Cain Update!

Earlier we shared the rumor that Chase Cain is leaving WHAS11.

And it looks like he really is skipping town to be a fancy actor. Check out this fancy actin’ resume we discovered, thanks to an intrepid reporter.

Check out his skills:

Cheerleading, Cycling, Equestrian – General, Rappelling, Rock Climber, Running – General, Shooting – Rifle, Soccer, Swimming – ability – general, Dance Hip Hop, Host, Improvisation, Teleprompter, Trumpet, Voiceover

Yes, “Teleprompter” is a skill.

I hope he gets Beyonce famous really soon.

10 thoughts on “Alert! Very Important Chase Cain Update!

  1. If they do a live action version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, he would be perfect for Herbie the elf who wants to be a Dentist.

    Seriously… he IS Herbie.

  2. You remember when this guy named Mark Hebert worked at WHAS? Or Kerri Richardson? People that did the story and didn’t wanna be the next member of the Jonas Brothers?

  3. Chase Cain…the “Doogie Howser” of the Louisville media scene !

    I’ve never witnessed a reporter that plays to the camera when reporting a “real” news story the way this clown has…what were the “powers that be” at WHAS-11 thinking when they hired this kid ? His pathetic self-serving website, his Facebook page…as Jake would say, a “real pee alert” situation if there ever was one !

    He is further evidence of the dilution of WHAS news…how I miss Ken Schulz, the late Chuck Olmstead, Mark Hebert and Kerri Richardson…if people like Cain are the future of local news, God help us all.

    Hollywood ? Really ? Doesn’t it take “talent” (and I use that word loosely) to make it in Tinseltown ?

    Good riddance and luck to you Chase…you will be quickly forgotten here…

    Chase who…?

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