River Fields: Panties All Atwist?

What the crap is with River Fields allegedly stealing hundreds of LEOs and threatening to sue the alt-weekly if it published a story about the whole mess?

When will this organization stop suing its critics and start working with the community to reach compromise and happiness for this beautiful city?

Nobody knows.

The organization has its lady garment all in a twist because it took out a full-page ad in this week’s LEO:

Somebody doth protest too much.

River Fields: an organization of the elite for the elite.

12 thoughts on “River Fields: Panties All Atwist?

  1. This whole thing is bullshit. Bob Griffith is a colleague of mine, but for God’s sake, he lives in Brandenburg. How does this affect him? Any moron who can read a map or anyone who has taken a light aircraft flight over the river can see that the Snyder and the Indiana outer loop are aimed at each other at the river. Why not build the East End bridge first and see what we need with Spaghetti Junction when people have the eastern option? Meme Runyon has had the ear of the cJ editorial board forever. She sleeps with their new number one guy. Anyone who lives east of Wolf Pen Branch Road has felt the sting of their opposition to the new Harrod’s Creek bridge on River Road. Traffic has been brutal since the bridge was closed a year ago. Last summer, when a motorcyclist decided to drive under a truck on 42, I left my home in Hunting Creek to go to the bank at Holiday Manor. To get there, I had to drive up 329 to 71, get off at the Watterson and then get off at 42 to head into US Bank. In a community that is supposed to be plagued with air pollution, I had to drive 20 miles out of my way to make a measly bank deposit. Of course, River Fields holds themselves out as a conservation organization (what a freakin’ joke), but they are perfectly content to make people drive extreme distances (and pollute over those extreme distances), rather than allow a couple of bridges that would shorten routes, send cars around a city (and stop polluting the city air) because the stuffed shirt bastards don’t want their pastoral beauty disturbed. I wonder if they had the same empathy for the people who got kicked out of their homes for the airport (a project on which Griffin worked diligently to displace those poor unfortunates) as they do for their own problems. I love you like a brother, Bob, but don’t you see the hypocricy of your situation? You were perfectly willing to use adverse possession to kick some poor bastard out of Highland Park for the airport, yet you’d use the same law to protect the rich and famous in Nitta Yuma from progress. You spring from better stock than that. I’m sure your Hardaway relatives are not too proud of your present activities. Representing Meme Sweets Runyon? I’d rather see you represent Hitler. At least he was honest about what he was doing. Your dear departed partner, Dant Kearns helped study the bridge project before it was a gleam in any politicians’ eye. He believed it made perfect sense to build the east end bridge. How can you do pro bono work that pisses all over Dant’s work? If you were doing it for filthy lucre, I’d understand it. To do something totally wrong for free begs reason.

  2. When they pass the anti-idling law, everyone east of River Road should just forward their ticketed fines to Riverfields for payment.

    Once again NEPA and Section 106 of the HSPA are being utilized as weapons to keep development out of the East End.

    While any opposition I have is that Indiana is going to exponentially benefit more from the bridge and as such, could be forced to pay for more it through negotiations between the states, the cases put up by Riverfields have no scientific merit.

    The tunnel hopefully has been scrapped from the plan. One of the main reasons to building the East End Bridge is to get hazardous materials out of the Hospital Curve area. These would likely be prohibited from a tunnel as ling as the one they are proposing. For a fraction of the cost, the historic complex interceding could be relocated elsewhere and preserved.

    This is about flexing muscles, feeling self-important, and protecting the enclave of Nita Yuma from the sound of down-idling truck traffic.

  3. I wonder if anyone in the Louisville area will see River Fields’ LEO ad as anything but hollow propaganda from a pompous, snooty narrow-interest group. They should realize that when they oppose something supported by essentially the entire community, that most of us will refuse to play by their “ground rules”. The British were befuddled that American revolutionaries weren’t playing by their ground rules for battle as well. River Fields pretends to want a calm discussion, but the time for that has long past, as they have proved this with yet another baseless, obstructionist lawsuit that will only cost us in the community millions, if not billions of more dollars of OUR money. Now is the time for PITCHFORKS. I wonder if River Fields is ready to deal with that.

    River Fields — Drop the suit! Drop the suit! Drop the suit!

  4. Raoul Duke, thanks for your brave post.

    We do have a community consensus, whether one supports the full ORBP, or 8664, that the East End Bridge needs to be built first, and as soon as possible. What happens after that should be an open question for another day.

  5. Steve, pulling the Madame DeFarge card out on Meme Sweets…

    To quote Mel Brooks’ History of the World

    “These are my people, I love them….Pull!”

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Meme looks like the piss boy.

  6. Great Post Raoul! Just build it and get over it! I watched my parents neighborhood, Highland Park, get demolished with no concern for it’s residents. Time to turn the page on the Genteel!

  7. Magruder, I actually agree with you on a few points especially not playing by their rules. Interestingly that you mention pitchforks and people not using the ideas of the battle of the day. If I recall, you would have been mostly against the colonial revolutionaries since they used guns and force to expel the British imperialists. After all, I guess those teabaggers and Tea Party participants were just a bunch of rabble rousers and gun nuts that were interested in preserving their liberties. Interesting that somehow you’re doing a bit of about face in standing up to the River Fields people. Actually, I think you’re doing the right thing in that sense because obviously these people aren’t interested in transportation policy or making this are more prosperous and instead want everyone under their thumb and remaining a backwater.

    Kudos for your position which is quite different than some of which you have discussed before. Eventually, even you with your liberalism might end up being a libertarian or a tea bagger.

  8. Bill, you don’t know me very well, and on top of that, I do believe you’re viewing these various matters through ideological lenses, while I tend to look at various issues based on the facts. I am an independent, and I mean that.

    The teabagger movement is a bunch of misplaced anger, in my view, and that’s why it gets no support from me.

    But it’s good to see wide agreement on this matter.

  9. I thinks its hilarious that someone stold LEO! They must be out of toilet paper at the River Fields office, because thats all Leo is good for anyway!

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