Monday Morning of Pig Guts & Helping the Homeless

Can you believe the Courier-Journal allowed Joe Gerth to publish my name? Woah. Thanks for that, Joe. As for Mike Bryant – he’s being totally dishonest when he says he wasn’t trying to hide his identity. He’d changed his domain name registration in an attempt to do just that – and i wrote about it at the time. [Joe Gerth]

Artwork for the 2010 Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks has been unveiled. [WFPL]

Will Wayside get its health permit to continue operating Hotel Homeless? [C-J]

Look, just don’t eat anything from a concession stand unless you’ve consumed enough alcohol to kill any sort of germ you’ll be ingesting. [WHAS11]

The Metro Council is none too happy with Jerry Abramson’s decision to screw them out of a seat on the Ohio River Bridges Project panel. We all know that Mayor McCheese loves the Metro Councilcritters so this must be some sort of oversight. Heh. [C-J]

Is it good news or bad news that Gilles Meloche is a finalist to be an animal services director in Florida? [WAVE3 & FOX41]

Surely somebody wants to develop a chrome-front diner in Louisville. [Broken Sidewalk]

Swift is ignorantly claiming that opposition to its law breaking and purposeful zoning ignorance will kill its jobs. Unfortunately, people like Rep. Joni Jenkins know better but they still plan to speak out in support of Swift – further allowing the company to ignore zoning restrictions, the law and the health of the neighborhood. I know she knows better – I’ve had conversations with her – but she still plans to say what she knows not to be true when she visits the zoning board today. The Swift battle affects more than Butchertown. The problems Swift faces have been brought on not by upset neighborhood types – but by Swift itself. [C-J]

9 thoughts on “Monday Morning of Pig Guts & Helping the Homeless

  1. I’m just curious why there is even a Breathitt County Republican Party chairman?

    The county has fewer residents than Southeast Christian Church has members, and of those, I can’t imagine there’s a heck of a lot of Republicans.

    And Mike Bryant thinks his adding his name to the website adds credibility to it?

  2. I also meant to add that whenever someone stands behind their words, it may not make the words truer, but it does give the words a certain kind of weight, as we should know that someone is generally far less likely to be playing games or outright lying if they have attached their real name to it. Unless they are campaign managers. Heh.

  3. Steve, I couldn’t agree more. I have stated numerous times that too many economically unproductive counties control a disproportionate amount of power in Frankfort.

    There unfortunately is no way that is going to happen because the government jobs are some of the most coveted jobs in those counties. Their are way too many cooks in the kitchen. Getting something done in Frankfort with 120 different interests is like herding cats.

    Politics is like religion. There are a lot of different kinds and everyone thinks theirs is correct. I can only speak for myself in that as a business owner, I can be more honest and less PC by withholding my full name. But to your point, I think it can be abused and people obviously play games.

    If you disclose what you do for a living and disclose any direct political affiliations, I think it’s fine.

  4. I really wish there was an edit function…..”There are too many…”

    I swear I’m not was uneducated as my typing skills indicate.

  5. If I contact Brevard County Animal Services in Titusville, Florida and tell them about Meloche, can I be held for slander because I sure want to let them know. They are making their decision tomorrow. Maybe we could all call them. Their phone number is on their web site.

  6. I sent Brevard County’s director a note asking that
    they do a ‘careful and thorough review of all five candidates’…hopefully, a red flag.

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