Kenya McGruder Let Go from Council

I’m baaaaack. Miss me?

Remember the Democratic Caucus Director of the Metro Council?

Remember that hot mess a few months ago?

Here’s a refresher:

  • Why David Tandy Won’t Be Louisville’s Mayor [July 31]
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  • Pay Disparity Within Metro Council Caucus [August 5]
  • David Tandy Thinks He’s Running for Mayor [August 16]

Well… Council went into executive session yesterday and decided her last day will be December 31.

Once I get caught up here in the big city (yay civilization!), maybe I’ll have some more to share on this story. Or maybe I’ll just fall sleep for dozens of hours.

12 thoughts on “Kenya McGruder Let Go from Council

  1. I feel so in the know when I see things in the TV media, and say to myself “I read about that on VV months ago, about time somebody noticed”. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks.

    But it’s not me who deserves the thanks – it’s the network of people spread across the city who keep this site informed.

  3. It is hightime the Council Democrats get their act together. Every time you read or see the news Republicans are featured with new programs and ideas and zilch from the Democrats!

    As a Democrat I cringe at the ineffective representation of Democrats in the media. Hopefully with a new Caucus Director the Democrats will get themselves heard and seen as a progressive force representing the working people of this community.

    The Democratic caucus should find a strong director who has political savvy, knowledge of the community and local government, and who can effectively represent the Democratic caucus. In effect they should find someone who can help them outshine the Republicans.

    Sadly, so far, that has not been true.

  4. I still don’t understand the Metro Policy of getting fired with two months notice. Show them to the door, hand them a severance check and change the locks.

  5. At any private company, they’d be given the boot immediately. Maybe given a severance if their work didn’t absolutely suck. Would probably be escorted to the exit by security and their belongings would be couriered to their home within a few days.

    But this is Metro Government. Those fired or “resigning” get to stay as long as they want to cause as much damage as they can possibly handle.

  6. I understand that the caucus director job is set up as a one year renewable contract so it may be an issue of letting the term run its course.

    Anyway, I am gratified to see the Metro democrats waking up and preparing for the testing times ahead for them in the coming year or two.

    The Republicans are eating their lunch so far and unless the Dems get some semblance of organisation, order and purpose in their midst they are in for some rude shocks in the coming months.

  7. So the Dems finally decided to jettison their useless baggage and get ready for the serious challenges that ALL incumbents should be worried about. Good. I bet the KY Obama campaign wishes they’d never heard of her. She’s a vote repellent.
    Do we think the Council will get a politically savvy leader, which is what they desperately need? Or will they settle for another patronage timewaster?
    I’m going to echo both Rico and Dakshin a bit and speculate that the Dems haven’t a clue how much more ground they’re losing in that position by giving Kenya seven more weeks to do nothing. How can they be so clueless?

  8. Haha. It’s so funny that anybody could think the Dems would get it together.

    It’s about as likely as me ever liking women.

    Don’t you folks fully expect the caucus to appoint someone already working for a councilcritter– maybe someone who is already an apologist who is only capable of regurgitating what their boss tells them? They’ll never have a go-getter like Haag who is capable of thinking for himself, sadly.

  9. Everyone I have talked to in recent weeks, and these are powerful yet pragmatic people, see Heiner as a very viable candidate. Anti-Jerry backlash, anti-Obama backlash, Anti-city backlash, anti-incumbant backlash and pure hatred of the Metro Council. Heiner is smart and squeaky clean and if he can garner a voter turnout in the former county he can very well win.

    What amazed me is these are hard core democrats who control key endorsements and most predict a Heiner win and really don’t have a problem with it. King and Tandy had plenty of opportunities to challenge Jerry as Metro Council Presidents and never did. Consensus opinion is Tandy will never get traction, King will self destruct (apparently there is more we have not yet heard) Tyler Allen is a one issue candidate, Connie Marshall makes the most sense of all of them and Fisher will win the primary.

    East End will go Heiner, West End will go Democrat and the South End is in play. Blackwell, Henderson and Welch have no support from the Metro Government Unions and their districts will be bliitzed with letters from the FOP and Firefighters supporting Heiner.

    The democratic caucus is too screwed up to recover.

  10. $10 on the one that works for Madonna Flood, Ray Criders Daughter – name escapes me – career political hack – perfect for the job

  11. Madonna needs to move her out so she can get John officially on the payroll rather than operate as a ghost employee

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