Gilles Meloche Scandal Day 4809823

Andy Alcock got his hands on tapes released in Dawn Simpson’s complaint against Gilles Meloche. And they are juicy:

“I’m trying to have a legitimate conversation with the guy and he walks around the desk and hugs and kisses me on the neck and says, ‘Aw, poor baby,’” Simpson told the investigator.


“’I really want to see you,’ he said. ‘All I keep thinking about is coming on the bus.’ That’s what he calls the bus, ‘And holding you and kissing you,’” Simpson recounted the voice mail.


Simpson said one time, she couldn’t account for documents or whereabouts of animal drugs and sent Meloche an e-mail about it.

“In the end, we figured it out, but he came to me and said, ‘Don’t ever put stuff like that in an e-mail because I don’t want anybody to know,’” Simpson told the investigator.

“What I certainly don’t want to see happen, there’s an investigation, he gets slapped on the hand and two months from now we’re back in the same boat we were before. That is what I fear I think the most,” Simpson said in the tape.

Click here to read/see Andy’s story in its entirety.

And Bennet Haeberle has this:

The complaint filed in May by another Metro Animal Services employee says Dr. Meloche “injected Sodium Pentobarbital directly into the heart of three kittens that were still conscious.”

One employee said she “was shocked” the issue had not been addressed.


“I told Dr. Meloche that prescribing medications without documentation was a violation of the Kentucky Veterinary Practice Act.”

Michelle Hensel says she never received any medication from Meloche or MAS.

“I never received anything. There is no documentation for that. Dr. Meloche has never delivered me any medication,” said Hensel.


“I think the atmosphere at MAS needs a big change,” said Downard.

Click here for his story.

Still, Jerry Abramson allows this guy to keep his job as head of Metro Animal Services. If that weren’t bad enough? Check this message from Meloche’s replacement showing just how close Abramson is to the scandal:

Organizer: Zelinsky, Wayne L
Sent: Mon 11/2/2009 6:05 PM
Required: Animal Services Everyone
Optional: Summers, Bill
Subject: MAS mandatory meeting – all employees (volunteers welcome)
When: Monday, November 09, 2009 3:00 PM-4:00 PM
Location: Yellow trailer

Mayor Abramson will join us.

Hopefully Alcock and Haeberle will ambush that fancy meeting Jerry plans to attend with a camera crew or two. Better yet, hide a camera on an attendee so we can get a look from the inside.

Hot mess, man. HOT. MESS.

22 thoughts on “Gilles Meloche Scandal Day 4809823

  1. Maybe it’s just a depressing day but I fear this a-hole is just going to walk away in December with a big Santa hug from Jerry and off to his next disaster.

  2. Watcher: Awww…dontcha have more faith in Santa than that? (Despite Jake having recently suggested Santa do something anatomically impossible to himself…)

  3. Close to the scandal is right. His hindendness is at the top of this tragic but hot and steamy mess. It’s the only logical conclusion.
    Hope Monday’s meeting is well attended by media. I wouldn’t be surprised if the National Inquirer showed up. You know. Inquiring minds and all.
    No doubt there will much more spin and behaving as if none of the egregious actions by Meloche, Zelinsky and their henchmen and women have ever taken place.
    Denial is a crazy thing, but it doesn’t change the facts.
    So in the immortal words of Buckaroo Banzai’s Lord John Whorfin, “Laugh-a while you can monkey-boy.”

  4. So what is the story on Michelle Hensel? How does a woman spend 300K on animal rescue? Where does her money come from?

  5. What amazes me about this site and others, is how easily we believe someone’s allegations. Maybe Dr. Meloche actions were wrong and illegal, but there has been no actual proof of that, there is simply Simpson’s (and others) allegations. And, just because multiple people make similar allegations, does not lend credence to the other allegations, without any other objective hard-core evidence. Yes, Metro HR stated he violated the city’s sexual harrassment policy, but Metro’s policy is stricter than Title VII (KRS 344). In other words, a person can violated Metro’s sexual harrassment policy, but not violate the law. At no point, in any of these post is that fact pointed out.

  6. P.S.

    What amazes me is that so many people can ignore lawsuits which the guy lost, jobs the guy was fired from and proved involvement by him in myriad scandals.

  7. The real case here is against Abramson. He knew about Kimberly Bunton, Bill Schreck, Tim Barry, Gilles Meloche and a host of others and he never did anything.

  8. Sounds like “truth seeker” is related to “Templar of Truth ” called out on multiple other posts on this site for his attempt at “white wash” these scandles. Fact- we have two failed audits where animals , records and the corresponding money cannot be accounted for. Fact, we have multiple allegations of cruelty and it is uncanny how it mirrors what happened in Tallahassee. Fact, we have documented gross overcrowding, rampant disease, horrid conditions and animals left to die rather than be euthanized. Fact, we have documented mismanagement during the flood and with respect to the records and the incinerator which should have been purchased three years ago. Fact, we have multiple allegations and a sustained charge of sexual harassment. Fact, we additionally have multiple cases filed alleging that at the direction of Meloche and Zelinsky ACO’s are violating citizen’s civil rights by using a ordinance provision never intended to be used in a noncommercial setting to intentionally violate the civil rights and the personal and intellectual property rights of many citizens. There are many more such suits in the pipeline. The Mayor says its because people are upset with the ordinance. I guess he ignores that the remedy for that has been to look to the courts for a resolution. This is the tip of the iceberg. Spin…Spin…..Spin -the citizens are too smart to fall for this dribble.

  9. Rico: Waffle House? Perhaps. Pitino? No. Credible????

    A friend of mine is fond of quoting Shakespeare on this mess: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”

  10. Maybe all these people need to be suing him. Then maybe also someone needs to sue the mayor as well. There has to be something going on that the Mayor is protecting all these people

  11. keep on this case. the more you learn, the more you will be amazed at the implicit arrogance and condescending attitudes on the part of everyone involved in the cover up of this mess. and i include the mayor, whose inner circle was warned about this last winter. and did nothing. look for euthanasia rates to suddenly rise now that AAA has been shut down. Meloche will do this to prove his point. That’s how f***** up this is. Jake–get your picture of the carcasses at the landfill. I want it poster size and plastered all over town.

  12. montanamona: Last year some Republicans and I were gonna do something similar but could never get photos of a high enough resolution.

    If anyone has them? Pass them my way.

  13. Montanamona: Jerry’s known about Meloche’s background and his being unfit for and ineligible to hold his job as shelter director for FOUR YEARS.

    He’s also known about Meloche’s inhumane treatment of animals and his abuse of good employees at MAS for the same amount of time.

    This wasn’t something that just dropped in from outer space like a giant turd from an alien planet.

  14. I cannot beleive what I am reading, I am sure NONE of you have even met Ms Hensel. Shame on you! She has served our country overseas for 4 years, finished school with a PHD and has Leukemia !!!! MAS is not her friend the animals are her concern. I run a rescue as well and have known her for 12 years. All of these low down accusations are HORRIBLE. She got her money the old fashioned way by EARNING it. If she wants to help the animals let her! shame on you all!!!!

  15. Dear Geta: But can she see Russia from her front door?

    LMAO–you’re post is the best laugh I’ve had all day!

  16. For anyone with a basic sense of decency, there are no words for what’s happened at LMAS.

    Ultimately the Mayor has failed the City (and its animal population) by seemingly working out
    of a dual personality Robert Louis Stevenson might have appreciated.

    While the mayor hasn’t been been issue-free I think no one could predict the extent
    of the horror show in his midst. It is his responsibility; he calls the shots and not only did he allow barbaric conditions to continue, he actually is a big enough coward to praise (and not fire, still!) the sadistic perpetrator.

    LEO is to be commended for uncovering and staying on this issue. And to Jake, thank you for giving the story the urgency it deserves.

    Whatever good the Mayor’s record may reflect, the willful negligence that’s all over this cancels everything out. The End. The Mayor and Dr. Meloche go down in flames!

  17. Marie: The extent of the horror show WAS PREDICTED FOUR YEARS AGO, based on easily obtainable facts which ordinary citizens of Jefferson County were able to discover about Meloche’s past in Canada, Durham and Tallahassee before arriving in the “Ville.

    It was predicted over and over again, and fell on deaf ears in the Mayor’s office. What was predicted has come to pass and now the Mayor needs to explain to all Metro citizens how this happened and why this happened and why, when it first starting coming to light in the fall of 2005, he chose to ignore it.

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