Chris Randolph Joins 97.5 WAMZ

In early October news dropped that Bobby Jack Murphy was no longer with WAMZ (a Clear Channel station) in Louisville. Dozens of readers have commented and emailed to share their stories.

But since then, WAMZ has been on the hunt for a replacement and the station has hired Chris Randolph from WMTX in Tampa. He’ll join Mel on the 5:00 to 10:00 A.M. wake-up shift. Randolph is a Shelbyville native and may be familiar to metro area radio listeners from his days on WDJZ, 98.9 KISS-FM and WQMF.

WAMZ Program Director Coyote Calhoun had this to say: “We are very excited to add this experienced market veteran to the WAMZ morning show. Chris has enjoyed much success in Louisville. We feel very fortunate to have found someone who knows the market so well and loves its people.”

And in Randolph’s own words, “The chance to work with Coyote Calhoun is a once-in-lifetime opportunity. He is one of the very reasons I’m in the business. I can’t wait to get started at one of the most highly-rated, legendary Country stations in America.” It looks like Randolph is excited to be back in town.

Will listeners welcome him with open arms?

10 thoughts on “Chris Randolph Joins 97.5 WAMZ

  1. Not a WAMZ listener, but Randolph is a tool! Wasn’t he taken off the morning shift on 98.9 for low ratings?

  2. Wasn’t he taken off the morning shift on 98.9 for low ratings and moved to 95.7 in favor of younger fellas?

  3. Yes Chris left KISS and went to ‘QMF. KISS is a kids station and Chris was the Program Director.

    As far as working for a commercial station: he’ll make a bunch more than at a public station.

    Coyote is in the radio hall of fame and is one of the most respected programmers in the history of radio.

    Of course CC isn’t done cutting.

    I can’t stand “New” Country music and I’m sure not a fan of Clear Channel and their national programming or their employee- as- enemy style of management. Just don’t slap Coyote or Chris.

  4. Rod – I’m not slapping Chris. I saw his picture and felt sorry for him. I don’t even know who he is. But, commercial radio is not a smart career path. Making a “bunch more” is not a qualifier for any job choice. He could make a “bunch more” doing any number of non-radio jobs.

  5. These days, Louisville radio pretty much stinks as it is. It’s mostly a bunch of Clear Channel programming or Radio One, or Cox. Anyway, its best to find something else to listen to. When I am at home or the office and I can listen, I find this program named Radio Sure is a great thing because it has stations all over the USA including everything from pop to country to rock to public radio. A great thing really. Instead of just listening to the usual syndicated crap that comes out of the local media.

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