Fancy Local TV News Rumors & Such

We hear Jacqueline McLean, part of the “I Team,” left WHAS11 on Friday.

The woman who did that fancy story about lights being turned off in some park somewhere has allegedly gone back to Minneapolis for personal reasons.

I’m positive you folks will flame me for this, but, uh: who knew she was even in town?

11 thoughts on “Fancy Local TV News Rumors & Such

  1. Since the change over to digital in June I have been unable to get WHAS. I didn’t know they were still broadcasting

  2. It may not do Bill much good yet, KYGuy. They’re broadcasting on VHF and I’ve heard from a good many people that they can’t get WHAS either. They’re awaiting FCC approval to raise their power; the only potential problem with that is that it may interfere with folks on the fringes of WLFI’s signal (that’s the CBS station in Lafayette, Ind.).

  3. I’ve talked to an engineer at WHAS and that’s the deal. I have a spot that I have to set my antenna to get them and if it’s not within an inch or two I don’t get them.

    The funny thing is I can get the LP station in Southern IN. but can’t get 11

    I love digital TV

  4. I stopped watching WHAS when they refused to play by the rules on the broadcast of Thunder a few years ago. I don’t know if y’all remember, but 3, 11, 32 and 41 have a gentleman’s agreement to rotate the broadcast of Thunder. 11 had broadcast Thunder the year before the agreement and was scheduled to be the first to broadcast under the agreement. The next year it fell to 41, I think. The powers that be at 11 decided they were going to back out of the agreement and broadcast Thunder anyway. I have not watched a newscast from West Chestnut street since.

  5. I haven’t watched since 1995. My dad committed suicide and a WHAS reporter & cameraman showed up trying to get a story due to “gun” being mentioned over the scanner. I was at the hospital with dad, but it disturbed the other family members at the scene. The police finally got them to leave.
    After the funeral, I called and wrote the GM at WHAS describing what happened. Didn’t hear a word from him…haven’t watched the news on 11 since.

  6. I’m not familiar with Jacqueline McLean, either. I quit watching all local TV news because I got tired of 3-5 sentence “news” bits, describing something that happened 2-3 days prior, written on a 6th-grade level of comprehension, with mispronunciations & factual errors. I’m also tired of the fact that local TV stations don’t even remotely care how stupid they look and sound.

  7. Well the fancy reported whom you did not know even was in town was trying her hardest to regain her career and life back after suffering a stroke. 11’s former news director gave her a chance before she left, and she tried, but in the end it proved to difficult. Sorry to sling mud in your face for such a mean comment, but it goes to show that everyone has a story and be cautious with side handed remarks because you never know what people are dealing with.

  8. Newsgirl, I don’t recall anyone attacking Ms McLean personally. It’s her former employer we have a problem with.

  9. That “some park somewhere” is part of Shawnee. Not as recognizable as one in the East End, but one that definitely needs good lighting for early morning walkers. It’s sad Jacqueline had to leave like that. WHAS has, at least temporarily, added veteran reporter Stephanie Collins to the team. She is head and shoulders above so many others.
    And that GM who renigged on the Thunder agreement was given the boot, thank God. WHAS recently started testing a new high-power DTV transmitter. There’s a very good chance that rescanning will bring the signal in much clearer.

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