Welcome Back to Work, You Worker Bees

Why is the school board discussing legislative priorities? Jefferson County Public Schools? Yeah, you’re right, state schools. And, really, pressing to allow closed-door meetings to discuss superintendents’ yearly evaluations? Somebody is in need of a serious wakeup call. Because this is a farce. [Nancy Rodriguez]

Have you heard the latest audio recording from Daniel Mongiardo? He compared being Lt. Governor to being married to a whore and, well, just give it a listen. [Page One]

Will Rick Pitino discipline the two players – Jerry Smith and Terrence Jennings – for being arrested in Indiana? [C-J]

Remember when 10,000 people applied for 90 GE factory jobs in Louisville? Well, it’s so insane that the story has gone national. [HuffPo]

Decker College’s attorneys allege that a federal vendetta caused its collapse. It’s a long, six-page story. [Ralph Dunlop]

Sure, these silly “possibility city” ads are a total waste of money and shouldn’t be airing locally, but what’s with all the feigned outrage over the latest humor? [C-J]

Mario Lopez loves Louisville and its “little Main Street.” [USA Today]

Is the Highland Park neighborhood finally going to be put to good use? [C-J]

The University of Louisville has a fancy new research facility. [WHAS11]

Oh snap – “The West End does not know David Tandy.” This mayoral race is going to be a hoot, kids. More potential campaign finance troubles for Jim King, as well? [Joe Gerth]