This Guy Still Has a Job Thanks to Jerry

Seven months ago employees of Waste Management approached me about dog carcasses being dumped by Metro Animal Services. Unfortunately, no one wanted to provide me with photographic evidence. I was unable to do anything about it.

Fast forward to today:

So what’s happening to the animal bodies?

WLKY has confirmed with waste management they’re being dumped at the Outer Loop landfill.

β€œIt sickens me. It breaks my heart beyond belief but I don’t think they should be treated like trash,” said Hensel.

MAS spokeswoman Jackie Gulbe said the goal is to start incinerating animal bodies again once the agency moves into its new building.

That move is being done in multiple phases and there’s no timeline for when it might happen. Gulbe said it could be years.

It’s a bit difficult to reconcile Melcohe’s claims of decreased euthanasia and increased adoption rates while he is at the same time opting for a larger incinerator (the last one he bid on could handle a rhino) and dumping hundreds of bodies in the city dump.

Meanwhile, Jerry Abramson and his apologists at the Courier-Journal continue to refer to Gilles Meloche as a change agent.

Kudos to Republican reporter Andy Alcock for having the guts to get at these stories. And to WLKY for doing the work that the Courier-Journal could never and would never do. Truly valuable journalism.