It’s Friday and You’ve All Got the Pig Flu

Greg Fischer is holding a Halloween party or something. We got the press release but, well, just go here. [WFPL]

Some dude went to Warshington with the gays. [C-J]

Kentucky gets a D in protecting the legal rights of abused children. [Bluegrass Politics]

Louisville’s fire recruit class will graduate today at 10:00 A.M. at the Old Male High School – otherwise known as The Spectrum. The class includes 38 people who will work for Louisville Fire and Rescue and one who will work in Shively. [Press Release]

Call me crazy, but there’s just something about two of these projects (not the firehouse) that don’t seem worth going into debt. [WLKY]

Though, the Zoo losing $400,000 in revenue after shutting down its train is certainly troubling. [C-J]

And this morning at 9:00 A.M., Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson will plant a tree on top of the Metro Archives Building to “signal the start of a long-term effort to attract green jobs to the Park Hill area.” [Press Release]

Travel Magazine says 21c is the best in the nation. [C-J]

Yes, there should be tighter mayoral term limits in Louisville. Why is this such a big deal? [Joe Arnold]

The Irish Hill Neighborhood Association announced winners of its design competition to generate ideas for an abandoned brownfield site on Lexington Road. You’ll want to check these out. [Broken Sidewalk]

This is very important: Did you know Julie Tam is a media celebrity who stomps grapes? You must read this ASAP. You must. The Taminator commands you. [Around the World with Julie Tam]