Chilly Monday Morning Dept of Waking Up

Could Virginia Woodward be more negative about women running for elected office? Tina Ward-Pugh’s remarks about the mayoral race make the most sense. [C-J]

The pig flu is upon us and healthy people are apparently afraid. Will we all die of this or the poverty? [WHAS11]

Jerry Abramson and John Yarmuth will join each other in Shively at 10:30 A.M. for a press conference. They plan to announce improvements for traffic flow in “suburban areas” of Louisville, according to the release. [Press Release]

Can we talk about how awesome it is for the Courier-Journal to support the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage? This critics of this project are bringing great shame upon us all. And it’s time to shut up. Now, let’s hear television and radio step up as the Courier’s editorial board has done. [C-J]

How we live in our small urban spaces. Another great piece from our favorite local website. [Broken Sidewalk]

Later today (2:00 P.M.) the mayor will join Dr. Joseph McGowan, Metro EMS and Bellarmine students to announce the approval of the student-run Bellarmine Emergency Response Team. The group will provide emergency medical services at university events. [Another Release]

Can you say ‘wrong on so many levels’? After our experiences with the private prison at Otter Creek, do we want to put our most vulnerable youth under private/bottom-line care? Don’t we have some of the best non-profits here in Kentucky that already have great records dealing with problem youth? Home of the Innocents, Brooklawn, et al? One has to wonder if the nursing home in Northern Kentucky is payback for Dennis Keene. [Debby Yetter]

Just in case you missed it, the Fairdale Bigfoot writes a weekly advice column. And he’s running for mayor. [Consuming Louisville]

State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach has had 40 days to respond to an open records request. Unfortunately, he has gone out of his way to hide information he knows will make him the laughingstock of the country. Thankfully, the national watchdogs are paying attention. [Here & Here]