Bobby Jack Gone from WAMZ Radio

Bobby Jack Murphy is no longer at Clear Channel’s WAMZ. Officially, folks at the station tell us it’s for “pursue other interests.” Privately, they tell us it could be because of contract negotiations. But no one wants to admit that on-the-record.

And check this job listening at, posted by K. Carls:

Are you ready to do mornings at one of America’s top-rated, heritage Country stations? WAMZ has its first morning opening in 17 years. You should have a strong record of ratings success in Country radio, as well as a thorough grasp of the Country audience and lifestyle. This position requires lots of community involvement, plus face time in front of listeners and clients. No beginners. If you’re a talented entertainer prepared to join a legendary radio station, send your best stuff to . M/F. EOE.

Based solely on the conversations we’ve had over the past 24 hours, Bobby Jack is definitely one of Louisville’s most favorite media personalities. And we hope he’s back on our radio waves ASAP.