This Guy Still Has a Job Thanks to Jerry

Seven months ago employees of Waste Management approached me about dog carcasses being dumped by Metro Animal Services. Unfortunately, no one wanted to provide me with photographic evidence. I was unable to do anything about it.

Fast forward to today:

So what’s happening to the animal bodies?

WLKY has confirmed with waste management they’re being dumped at the Outer Loop landfill.

β€œIt sickens me. It breaks my heart beyond belief but I don’t think they should be treated like trash,” said Hensel.

MAS spokeswoman Jackie Gulbe said the goal is to start incinerating animal bodies again once the agency moves into its new building.

That move is being done in multiple phases and there’s no timeline for when it might happen. Gulbe said it could be years.

It’s a bit difficult to reconcile Melcohe’s claims of decreased euthanasia and increased adoption rates while he is at the same time opting for a larger incinerator (the last one he bid on could handle a rhino) and dumping hundreds of bodies in the city dump.

Meanwhile, Jerry Abramson and his apologists at the Courier-Journal continue to refer to Gilles Meloche as a change agent.

Kudos to Republican reporter Andy Alcock for having the guts to get at these stories. And to WLKY for doing the work that the Courier-Journal could never and would never do. Truly valuable journalism.

19 thoughts on “This Guy Still Has a Job Thanks to Jerry

  1. Cudos to Andy Alcock and WLKY and to you, Jake, for continuing to ask the hard questions which require nonsensical answers by Jerry’s friends. The $100,000 appropriated by Metro Council for the incinerator is more than the amount necessary to provide what is needed- there is even enough money left to move the thing when they get to a new building. Given the current Blog on LEO dealing with the visit last week to LMAS, it seems that Dr.Horror and his sidekick “Mini Me” have as much respect for the animals when dead as when alive. Shame on the Courageless Journal- they are a waste of space.

  2. Jake: Incredible! I played the June 10th Budget Committee hearing that WLKY showed online on MetroTV ( and Kelly Downard asks what happend to the $100,000 the Council gave to Meloche TWO YEARS AGO to buy an incinerator!

    Where’s that money?? Why does MAS need an incinterator big enough for a rhino anyway?

    How much more fraud and corruption do we have to accept before Jerry stops giving ‘bunny hugs’ to Meloche and fires the guy?

    What planet is Beshear and the Democratic Party on? (Hint: It’s in the solar system Courierus Journalanus)

  3. My understanding of the old incinerator was that it could be repaired however it was more long term practical to buy a new one. That being said you just don’t ignore the problem for a few years. Spend 20k to fix the old one for a few years until you move. Take them to the city incinerator. Hire an crematorium service but do something!

    Jake – have you been to the new animal control headquarters on Newburg Road? It is located under the overpass with no visibility at all. The worst location for a new shelter ever. We have spent millions of dollars on a facility no one will ever see. It needed to be located on a attractive parcel like a out parcel of Seneca Park in order to attract volunteers and the public, instead it is located between a mobile home park and railroad tracks in one of the worst crime ridden areas of the city.

  4. Rico, there is no city incinerator. Trying to place the shelter in an attractive parcel would 1) cost too much and 2) cause people like Jim King to start screaming about bringing down the values.

    I suspect state law prohibits cremating animals in a human crematorium. (Silly, I know, but that probably is the law.)

    I want to know, what did they do with the money if they didn’t buy a new one?

  5. please stay on this story. you are just scratching the surface. since the CJ clearly is not the paper it once was ( they would have been on this like a duck on a junebug) and seems to think that it is OK for a government employee to abuse both humans and animals ( he is a change agent in that regard!), others must take the ball and run with it. Believe me, once you start asking questions, the story will open up to you so fast and on so many levels it’ll make your head spin. if it hasn’t already. thanks and more thanks to every media outlet keeping the pressure on.

  6. Guys: The story I’ve heard is that they built in on this Newburg parcel because the City already owned it and it was contaminted from it’s previous use as a garage site & would cost too much to do the EPA clearance on it to sell it legally.

    So much for caring about the animals & the folks who work there, eh? Thanks again, Mayor Sludge Bucket!

  7. So Jerry is going to build a new garage in Rubbertown which is about the farthest away from where any Metro Employee works, another dumb idea.

    I’m just saying there were alot of better locations if he had taken the initiative to better animal control rather than just find a way to dump the problem elsewhere. He could have used the old vet center at Bowman Field, the out parcels the city owns at EP Tom Sawyer Park or the land on Whipps Mill Road. The Council would have paid for it.

    If the guy had any balls he should have confiscated the Javenon building……

  8. chronic Joke

    Anyone with such indifferent disregard for life
    deserves to be hounded by their own conscience,
    for being in every sense of the word, cheap.

  9. Why would animal control go three years without a working incinerator? At least, why not contract with another dog pound in the region that does have an incinerator and dispose of carcasses that way? There had to be a better solution than the landfill. Good grief.

  10. Rico, most of the areas you mention would have drawn a great deal of neighborhood screaming, which JA doesn’t want right now.

    Why would they care where employees live when decided where to put the garage?

  11. The whole point of this MESS is that the Gross Mismanagement, unaccountability, absolutely total disregard by the Mayor for abbiding by the rules,and just doing exactly as he decides is another NEON SIGN spelling CORRUPTION.
    Meloche was not a US Citizen and by LAW should have been !…..Start there and Charge whoever is responsible for that fraud to be held responsible…..if it’s the Mayor ?….he should be charged with the criminal charge that is appropiate for this sham!

  12. Important story, no doubt…so why label Andy a partisan for doing a good job? I saw your previous claim on Page One he has a Bush bumper sticker on his car. It does have a sticker with “W” on it, but if you look a little more closely, it’s next to an “F” for Wake Forest.
    I can understand why you wouldn’t be familiar with an elite private school like that one because the admissions department there probably would’ve laughed at your application!

  13. Maybe because he IS a Republican?

    What you’re trying to spin or ignored: Andy was my neighbor for several years. He had a Bush/Cheney sticker on his vehicle and a giant one on his condo.

    By the way, nice job not even bothering to hide your identity with this comment.

  14. That claim is a BOLD FACED LIE bordering on slander! I’ve known Andy for 9 years…and he’s NEVER, EVER had any political signs, stickers on cars, condo whatever. Any reporter who would do it should be fired. If it’s true, which IT IS NOT, you should’ve taken pictures and called his station to report him.
    He is a big sports fan and has had stickers, signs on his car and condo for the teams he supports. NEVER any political signs of any nature.
    And again, why compliment him on a story and then brand him a partisan?
    Maybe because you’re the real partisan?
    I notice King Southern Bank has advertised on your website.
    Are you in the tank for Jim King?

  15. No, it’s not a bold-faced lie. It was on his Kia SUV.

    I’ve got photos stashed somewhere of the BUSH/CHENEY sticker that was on his sliding glass door of his condo.

    Why brand him as a partisan? Because he is.

    Actually, since you’re commenting from a WLKY computer, you should know better. Are you the other openly Republican reporter there? The guy I gave Kentucky Center tickets to about a year ago?

    I’m not “in the tank” for Jim King. You’re free to read the dozens upon dozens of stories I’ve written trashing Jim King and his spoiled daughter. But thanks for the spin.

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