What Planet is the Courier-Journal Ed Board On?

What the crap. There’s been nothing but watered-down coverage of the Gilles Meloche-Metro Animal Services scandal in the Courier-Journal. No mention of salacious language allegedly used by Meloche. No “gay love” quotes. Constantly referring to the man as a “change agent,” a la Jerry Abramson.

Why do we read that mess, anyway?

Check this glowing editorial praise heaped on Gilles Meloche today:

After four years, the controversial and sometimes stormy tenure of Dr. Gilles Meloche as director of the Louisville Metro Department of Animal Services is coming to an end. He will step down Dec. 31. He says he’s had enough of the sniping, and that personal attacks create too much pressure and too many distractions.

Some of the criticism — such as that he carelessly or incompetently permitted impounded animals to drown during the August flooding — is baseless. (The opposite was true; great rescue efforts were made under emergency conditions, with the result that almost all animals survived.)

Some of it stems from the crossfire of sometimes irreconcilable and strident demands of various animal-protection and dog-owner groups. Other comes from relentless political backbiting from critics such as Metro Councilman Kelly Downard.


Dr. Meloche deserves much of the praise he received from Mayor Abramson. He was indeed a “change agent” who “professionalized” the department, as the Mayor said. The Mayor’s Office insists that many more dogs and cats are adopted now than four years ago, and fewer are euthanized. That is a good thing by any reckoning.

The community should hope that the next director has better team-building skills and is more aware of what is inappropriate to say in an office setting.


It’s all just some misunderstanding and political mud slinging, isn’t it? Poor Dr. Meloche. Poor Jerry Abramson for trying to protect a great, deserving man.

I suppose all those facts in lawsuits – which Meloche lost – were fabricated for political purposes? Guess Meloche’s well-documented poor treatment of animals is a sham?

And where’s the evidence that Kelly Downard is playing politics?

10 thoughts on “What Planet is the Courier-Journal Ed Board On?

  1. It never ceases to amaze me that the Courageless Journal continues to report non facts or leave out essential facts. Now they want to lump praise on a man with a proven track record everywhere of gross incompetence and failure. Where is the money and the accounting AAA fiasco? I guess his sexual harassment responsibility is just, as Jerry says, just a problem with social ineptitude. What planet are they on? What about his instructing his officers to enter private homes without warrants or with faulty non warrants in order to seize people’s pets hold them for ransom and when they can’t pay the huge amount, refuse to return them and send them to AAA for sale? What about Meloche’s sworn statements in a deposition in a Federal case that poor people shouldn’t own dogs because they don’t take care of them? That comment fits well with Jerry’s “poorer, older, blacker” mentality and is just an extension of Meloche’s bigoted alleged statements calling the people of the Commonwealth “rednecks” and Hillary Clinton the “c” word and our President the “n” word. This is just disgusting. This community should be grateful for the likes of Kelly Downard who has the guts to stand up and be counted when it comes to holding our public officials accountable for graft, misfeasance, malfeasance and overall corruption. We are all blessed to have attorneys like Jon Fleischaker who believes at his very core that only when the least among us is protected are we all safe. It is time to call the Courageless Journal OUT!!!! Thanks Jake for doing it!!!!

  2. Let’s not disparage the Courier-Journal- after all- they have been such great change agents in their support of connecting the city to it’s waterfront and building an east end bridge, and pushing through a merger that cured our poverty and crime problems.

  3. If I didn’t have a 20-lb parrot that crapped like a dog, I’d have terminated my subscription years ago.

  4. One of the things that the public never understands is just how incompetent this administration, mostly former city, is. Jerry surrounded himself with yes men instead of competent staff that would intellectually challenge him.

    That being said, it is sad that Kelly Downard gets characterized as a “backbiter” when if fact he is one of the finest public servants we have, he contributes so much to this community and the rights of Metro employees, yet gets dismissed for speaking the truth.

  5. Look, Downard could be the most corrupt person on earth.

    But the fact of the matter is he’s speaking the truth on these matters and he is doing so with facts in-hand.

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