Friday Morning Time Wasters for You

John Yarmuth secured $1 million+ for Louisville projects: $500K for emergency generators for Metro Government, $350K for UofL’s meteorology and atmospheric science program, $103K for Army Corps of Engineers’ Mill Creek feasibility study, $97K for Army Corps of Engineers’ inspection of completed works.

Some realtors are taking issue with apparent Waterfront Park Place misrepresentations in the Courier-Journal. [Check It]

The University of Louisville has named Dr. Jonathan Hodes chairman of neurological surgery. [Press Release]

Louisville gets $15 in Homeland Security funding. [Jim Carroll]

Humana could get another shot at that TRICARE contract after all. [Business First]

Check out the first civil suit filed against Meloche. [Fat Lip]

Jerry Abramson says Louisville is ready for snow. But we remember the ice storm and the wind storm and the cleanups of both situations. [C-J]

Churchill Downs begins its action-packed 120th Fall Meet on Sunday, November 1. It’ll run through Saturday, November 28th. You going? [Press Release]

Construction is ramping up at the Big Four Bridge. [Broken Sidewalk]

Jessy Pauley finally received his $64,000 settlement from the Coronor’s office/Ron Holmes. [Jessie Halladay]

Fairdale Bigfoot is running for mayor. And he writes an advice column each week. [Consuming Louisville]

7 thoughts on “Friday Morning Time Wasters for You

  1. You should do a pole on the most redundant annual local news stories ever.

    This one certainly would rank up there at the top.

  2. It really makes absolutely no sense to build the big spiral ramp to the Big Four bridge when funding for the Indiana side and the rest of the bridge refit has yet to be secured. Even if they landed funding tomorrow, it will be several years before it is ready to be used.

    So basically it’ll be the “ramp to nowhere” for at least a half a decade…possibly forever if they can’t get the money, run into difficulties with the bridge itself or can’t figure out how to make it safe enough for people to use.

    Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes the taggers to create a nice graffiti gallery for everyone on I-64 to see?

    It’s possible here.

  3. Legitimate question regarding the funding question, though I’m not sure connecting it with Indiana was a good idea anyway.

    The only legitimate reason I can find is that it may take some time for the soil to compact and settle to a stable level.

    But I would agree with David in that we are only likely going to provide access to the bridge that will create liability and vandalism exposures.

    If long-time residents remember, the reason they shut down public access to the K&I rail bridge was due to the high number of jumpers and vandalism.

  4. Rememer when Annie tried to scare everyone by stating that if Yarmuth was elected the money would dry up? Have another drink dear, we’re in good hands now.

  5. Of course we’re ready for snow! We get it year-round from the Mayor’s office and via his be-atches at the C-J.

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