WHAS11 Deserves Mega Mega Awards

The station just used the Meloche-Abramson “gay love” quote on-air.

Aaaaand… the station asked Abramson’s office for a comment!

I am officially in love with Melissa Swan. Sorry, Marilyn Parker, our love affair is OVER. It’s now all about Melissa.

Sending her a fancy thank-you gift, PRONTO.

Thank goodness for the Slingbox and it’s ability to let me watch news from afar.

5 thoughts on “WHAS11 Deserves Mega Mega Awards

  1. I can only hope that this poor choice hangs around his neck throughout the next election. Beshear may want to think twice about his choice since rumours of sexual preference doesn’t play well in this state (we all remember how well Bunning effectively used it) Not sure how well dead kittens play though, and sexual harassment is that a sign of machismo?

    So sad.

  2. People have said Abramson was gay but discreet for years. This will be hard on his son as having a dad negatively in the news is always tough.

  3. Forget the gay issue for a minute, how hard is it to learn that Dad lacks moral fiber!?

    And what about Meloche’s kid… Dad is a kitten killer…

  4. Like I’ve said on Page One, this has nothing to do with sexual orientation and everything to do with salacious commentary made by Meloche that sheds light on a potentially corrupt and secretive relationship with Jerry Abramson. And it suggests Jerry knew about and approved of everything Meloche has said and done.

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