Meloche Scandal Juicier Than Thought Possible

Whattya know? The interim director of Metro Animal Services is also named in that sexual harassment case.

But it gets way juicier. And, it appears, WLKY’s Andy Alcock is a genius for running this amazing story.

Check the excerpts:

According to the suit, just after then-Sen. Hillary Clinton defeated Sen. Barack Obama in Kentucky’s Democratic primary in May 2008, Meloche told Simpson “These rednecks would rather have [an obscene word referring to female genitalia] than a [racial epithet].”

The complaint states that when Simpson expressed her outrage at those remarks, Meloche repeated the comments and apparently thought himself amusing.


In another instance, the complaint claims Meloche commented on Simpson’s legs and said she should show them off more often, and that Zelinsky’s response was to say, “Look how her face is getting red.”


According to the complaint, Meloche repeatedly told Simpson and other animal services workers about his tight relationship with the mayor in an effort to prevent any complaints, and on multiple occasions referred to that relationship being like “gay love.”

RUH RO! It’s hitting the fan.

When will Jerry Abramson man-up and fire this guy? What on earth does this guy have on Abramson? Why is he allowed to stick around?

11 thoughts on “Meloche Scandal Juicier Than Thought Possible

  1. Did everyone catch our goofy Mayor defending this jerk on NPR yesterday? He kept saying he wished Meloche was better at social situations (I am paraphrasing) like sexual harassment is just a minor social inconvenience?! All I could picture in my mind was his wimpy defense being done while Meloche kills kittens behind him.

    Come on Jerry be a man! Be a human being!! Be something aside than a sniveling idiot!!!

  2. Be a man? Get serious! I’m only glad that when Queen Elizabeth came to the Derby a couple years back, Jerry didn’t try for a matching outfit.

  3. Ok folks, is anyone actually surprised… Members of the various employee associations I have been, since merger, decrying the antics of this administrations, yet YOU the public kept electing this clown into office.

    Having met him on professional and personal basis I can only describe as an egomaniac…

    – Tom

  4. I don’t care if the man is gay or not. It’s unfortunate that we live in a time where that is even an issue. What matters is that he is lacking the moral fiber to condemn this Meloche for his actions and remove him from his position.

  5. Really, folks, could we please avoid reacting in a homophobic manner?

    I was merely pointing out the salacious comment from Meloche.

    This has nothing to do with sexual orientation and everything to do with sheer hilarity.

  6. Zelinsky was in a tough situation. Guess we will hear more about the situation and Wayne’s role in it. I hear from MAS staff that he is a good guy and is fair. Staff have been hoping he would not get caught up in this too. They need leadership and support.

  7. Zelinsky wasn’t in a tough situation. He could have stood up for what was right but he didn’t. Tells me alot about his character. IMO they need to clean house and start over. This time they need to hire upper management that puts the animals first and not in the landfill.

  8. Saundo, You are probably right about Wayne’s choices. Government employees do have choices too. They do need professional management but may need to pay more to get it-and that might not happen.

  9. Actually, what they need is a someone in charge that understands the law enforcement aspects of the job. You can contract for vet service, but MAS is primarily in the law enforcement arena – but Meloche has probably never heard of the 4th Amendment.

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