Local UAW Endorses Greg Fischer

United Auto Workers Local 862 just announced the endorsement of Greg Fischer in the Louisville mayoral race.

Mark Dowell, chair of UAW’s Community Action Program, said, “Greg Fischer’s record of job creation and innovation is unrivaled by any of the other candidates. In these hard economic times he has the kind of integrity, experience and leadership that working families can depend on.”

From the press release:

Fischer, found of global manufacturing company SerVend International, said, “I want to thank Mark, the leadership at UAW and all of the union members for their important endorsement. The hardworking men and women of the UAW know firsthand how tough the economy has been on workers, their families and the entire community. Good jobs are so important to Louisville’s economy. We are going to compete to win new investment in the auto industry and create more work opportunities from day one.”

The UAW is expected to have a significant presence at Fischer for Mayor’s public kick-off event this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the campaign headquarters at 300 Distillery Commons on Lexington Road, between Payne Street and Headliners Music Hall. The event will take place rain or shine.

I’ll just bite my tongue about Fischer moving all those jobs he created to Indiana. Because I guess that’s technically the metro area.

4 thoughts on “Local UAW Endorses Greg Fischer

  1. FYI – When I was working for the Commerce Cabinet in the early 1980’s I recall the Kentucky Development Finance Authority turned down a financial assistance request (loan) from SerVend to start or locate in Kentucky. George Fischer (Gregs Dad) worked for the Brown administration but did not put pressure on us to make the loan. Kim Burse (Raymond Burse’s wife) was the loan officer/assistant director that basically made the decision to turn down SerVends request. The rest is history. They received an offer from Indiana and they moved there. I always felt bad I could not do more to help them stay in Kentucky. Also Bruce Lunsford was the head of the Commerce Cabinet at the time

  2. Okay guys- I’m done with this whining about Servend being in Indiana. Greg claims 3/4 of his employees were already Hoosiers- and one thing Hoosiers are sick of is trying to figure out a way to get across that river twice a day in less than 2 hours. If you want to blame someone for why Servend located in Indiana -blame the folks stopping the East End Bridge.
    Ding, ding, ding- That’s River Fields, and I don’t have to tell you, coincidentally, which candidate they’re endorsing, do I?

  3. River Fields had nothing to do with SerVend moving to Indiana. I mean, Greg’s family is involved with RF.

    SerVend moved for free money and tax breaks.

    Where do you people get these silly talking points?

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