It’s Tuesday. Enjoying That New Coroner Yet?

Metro Animal Services’ adoption partner in Middletown is calling on Gilles Meloche to step down. [Fox 41 & Video Here]

The Louisville Arena Economic Impact Analysis report is out and we’re all gonna get rich as you-know-what! [WAVE3]

Here’s more on Barbara Weakley-Jones, Jefferson County’s first female coroner. She replaces the probably-corrupt Ron Holmes, who, well, you already know the story. [Jessie Halladay]

Why is WFPL promoting this Jerry Stephenson/Frank Simon hogwash? Yeah, it totally makes sense to give those guys any sort of control over education. Total sense. [WFPL]

Opposed to trans-fats? Make your voice heard at a forum today at 6:00 P.M. [C-J]

Liberty Green’s community center is now LEED-registered. [Broken Sidewalk]

The old Baxter elevated train station has been demolished. [More Broken Sidewalk]

Marilyn Parker, the brave patriot running against that mean John Yarmuth, has spoken once again. She is the gift that keeps on giving. [Page One & More Page One]

And if you missed it last week? The most hilarious comment, ever, was left in response to the Jack Conway-Daniel Mongiardo ‘Who Would Win?’ contest. [Check It Out]

3 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday. Enjoying That New Coroner Yet?

  1. Yet another (blonde) bombshell drops on Meloche!

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” were the words that popped into mind after viewing Dr. Kendall Clay’s WLKY exclusive interview last week where she came forward and named all THREE women employees of Metro Animal Services who claim to have been sexually harassed by Dr. Disgusto (uh, I mean Meloche).

    However, the woman I was thinking of wasn’t Dr. Clay, but yet another blonde bombshell: Animal Adoption Agency’s dishy director, Michelle Hensel.

    So, was I surprised to see the FOX41 story run last night where Hensel (who claims she’s “still friends” with the creep) calls for his immediate neutering…I mean, dismissal? Nope.

    My next prediction: She has completely underestimated the evil in this man, who will now happily throw her under the bus for all the wrongdoing and missing documents and animals in their failed “partnership”.

    This will end in the inevitable messy divorce as both sides lawyer up and go for the mattresses. The Golden Poo will really start to fly in Act III.

    Neither side is innocent, but it will be fun to watch yet another instance where humans demonstrate how quickly their evolved chromosome strands can morph back into the feces-flinging instincts of our ape ancestors. Grab a chair and some popcorn–this one’s gonna be a doosie!

  2. Remeber the “This food contains MSG” signs that some restaurants would put up? Why not do the same for trans fats? I’m against businesses hiding it, but I don’t want to put small local places out of business (ie Plehn’s).

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