Middle of the Week Morning Time Wasters

Today at 10:00 A.M. Rep. John Yarmuth will be one of the Democratic House members calling out the party of “no” in Washington. Tune in to hear Yarmuth, et al to attack Republicans for stalling on a health care plan. [Press Release]

Ed Springston is trying to take his complaint against Jim King directly to a grand jury. [C-J]

The author of Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future will speak at the University of Louisville’s McConnell Center on Monday, October 26th. “Are you under 30? Do you send text messages on your cell phone and check Facebook several times a day? If so, Mark Bauerlein, an English professor at Emory University, says that’s why your generation is one of the least informed in history.” It’s too bad he doesn’t recognize that some of us internets-y folks are better informed thanks to technology. [Press Release]

Remember when Laura Bush headlined a fancy pants motivational seminar? Now Dubya is doing the same thing. It’s just $19 per office to attend.  Maybe it’ll come to Louisville. [Talking Points Memo]

Could Lexington learn from Louisville’s 21C? Lexington Vice Mayor Jim Gray was involved in the development. [Tom Eblen]

Man, there’s a lot of development and “sidewalk” news. [Broken Sidewalk]

Fairness is ten years old in Louisville. But it’s still legal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation out in the state. Maybe some day the Commonwealth will see progress. For those in the city unfamiliar with Martin Cothran, you should get familiar with his ignorant ass. [LEO Weekly]

A letter writer took issue with former Courier-Journal publisher Ed Manassah’s backwater, codger-esque comments about bloggers. Kudos to you, Lucinda Marshall. [More LEO Weekly]

15 thoughts on “Middle of the Week Morning Time Wasters

  1. Funny, republicans has suggested plenty of things about health care. They just say ‘no’ to a government takeover, the only thing you all want. Never mind about tort reform, medical savings accounts, portability or buying policies across state lines. It’s either government/public option or nothing with your side. Let Johnny say what he wants, he is overreaching if he thinks that will play outside of the Highlands or Crescent Hill!

    Johnny has said before he’s willing to fall on his sword for a government takeover of health care and get voted out for it. It might just happen.

  2. “Get Motivated to Listen to Crap”

    I wonder what W. will talk about that could enlighten anybody at the “Get Motivated!” events in San Antonio. Perhaps how a dumb, cheerleading frat guy who has no intellectual curiosity can become President if he knows the right people and is born into a family of the most powerful leaders in the world. Yeah, that’s some self-help advice for all of us at only $19.

  3. Funny, Jake. I’ve been hearing GOP members those exact things I’ve listed for YEARS! But since you guys are so set on Government run health care, it’s all DOA.

    Not to mention that the Democrats are so in the tank for the trial lawyers, tort reform will never get to first base.

    For you and your side, it’s universal or nothing.

    Got news for you Jake, the majority doesn’t want a bureaucrat in the examination room with us and the doctor.

  4. Novena, I know you don’t want to respect anyone who has a (r) next to their name. But GWB kept your ungrateful butt safe for 7 years.

    Try to show gratitude.

  5. Still haven’t seen proof that the GOP has offered a plan.

    And Dubya “kept us safe”?? HAHAHA! What the fuck kind of crack are you smoking?

    Folks, please, if you’re going to comment? Maybe try to make sense and/or know what you’re talking about (or at least sound like you didn’t fall out of Glenn Beck’s ass)…

  6. Jake, I’m going to refrain from using profanity, please do the same. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

    Like I said, we’ve been talking about it for years, since you only watch Olbermann, you wouldn’t see it. Also, since you have the votes, you can push anything through, right? All you guys lack in Washington, is the will.

    And then please list all terrorist attacks on US soil AFTER 9/11.

  7. Funny how you whiny ass titty babies cry and complain about profanity but can never answer a goddamn question.

    Where’s the GOP’s health care plan? Pony up and quit with the wingnut spin.

    Unfortunately for you, I’m not a regular viewer of Keith Olbermann or anything on MSNBC other than Morning Joe, hosted by Republican Joe Scarborough. But thanks.

    In response to your ridiculous 9/11! 9/11! 9/11! assertion, read this:

    The words, “Ever since 9/11…” should be enough to stop the con game right there. The mere thought of “9/11” will forever raise a visceral, sickening gut reaction drilled deep into the psyche of Americans.

    And it happened on George Bush’s protective watch. And it happened even though he was warned about it. Warned with specifics – “Bid Laden Determined to Attack in U.S.” is how his Presidential Daily Briefing was headlined. It even explained the use of flying airplanes into buildings. And George Bush ignored it. And the result was the first successful attack on U.S. soil by a foreign enemy in the history of America. And George Bush kept reading, “My Pet Goat.”

    Meanwhile, 3,000 people died, and America has ceased to feel safe ever since. On George Bush’s watch.

    To suggest that “George Bush kept us safe ever since 9/11” is not ignoring the elephant in the room, it’s ignoring the elephant that rampaged through your house, killed your family and has its giant foot on your head, as you lay prostrate on the ground.

    To suggest that “George Bush kept us safe ever since 9/11” is like a football team celebrating a defeat because it won the game since halftime.

    For the 100th time – you are not welcome to comment here, Horrine, if you cannot do so factually and without horseshit GOP talking points.

  8. Voice of reason?

    Not a single link you provided shares any evidence of a GOP health care plan. They’re merely suggestions of what they’d like to do, maybe, sometime, if possible.

    Where’s the bacon, Horrrrrrrine? You can’t bring it… because it doesn’t exist.

  9. “No Gratitude for the Courage-Challenged”

    syvyn11, please worry about your own butt and stay off mine. It is a fact that 9/11 occurred on W.’s watch (just before he was on a one-month vacation and right before he had warnings that such an event was likely to happen). What an ass-protector he was, indeed. And my gratitude goes out to soldiers such as a close relative who have actually been in the Iraq war. Bush and Cheney saved their stinkin’ butts during the Vietnam war (Cheney with five deferments, while Bush somehow got lost in Alabama when he should have been flying jets over the “dangerous” Texas skies). Show your damn gratitude to those two heinous cowards. They will never get mine.

  10. Boy I would love to comment, but I’ll be accused of spinning if I’m not drinking the Cool Aid.

    That said, I’ll make the neutral comment that all of these poles are crap at this point. Both sides of the debate (Dems and GOP) are fools to take anything from them since nobody knows what the hell the final bills are going to look like at this point.

    Nobody can define what a “government option” is at this point, since there are four or more versions ranging from single-payer, to folding people into existing Medicare, to government-funded co-ops, to public triggers.

    As such, to ask the public if they support a “public option” makes no sense since you are not defining what manifestation it will take. My guess is that there are many people who would support public co-ops that wouldn’t support a government run option, and vice versa.

    I at least hope we have more than a few hours to review the final bill before it’s voted on, so we can at least figure out what’s in the final bill.

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