Possibility City: National Embarrassment or What?

Tramp stamps, erections and all kinds of stuff better than Ohio. That’s what Louisville should be known for, right?

We made The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC last night. Check it out:

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Embarrassed? Yea? Nay?

14 thoughts on “Possibility City: National Embarrassment or What?

  1. Sorry, Can’t stand that pompous jerk.

    None the less, I don’t like looking at ED ads, and these parodies violate the first rule of comedy. THEY AIN’T FUNNY!

    Get them off the air ASAP!

  2. O’Reilly showed the ad Monday night as part of his Pinhead and Patriots segment. Of course, the ad was labeled a Pinhead.

  3. Hey let’s run a bunch of Robert Trent Jones Golf Course adds and spend millions more of our tax dollars.

    Stupid or not, they have gone viral and we’re getting a lot of free publicity. O’Reilly, AP, CNN, and others.

    Ya ya, ya it’s bad publicity. Maybe to you and me, but to a 24 year old, maybe not.

    O’Reilly said they were Pinheaded, but witty. I don’t see anyone defending Ohio…..

  4. The ads are tongue-in-cheek and are fine with me. Also, Pinhead O’Reilly has called a lot of better ideas/people than these ads by that pejorative, so they must be OK. And when else has Louisville gotten so much free buzz in mid-October?

  5. My main problem w/ the ad was not the HD parody, but fact that many of the shots of Louisville were, er, boring. Were I editing it, I would have gone from the last shot of the HD opening parody to a shot of Thunder Over Louisville, not a couple walking along Waterfront Park or wherever that was.
    At least a shot of some Thunder fireworks going off would get a big laugh.

  6. I first about these ads in Phoenix AZ. I find them them to be very hilarious and indicative that some people in Louisville have a tremendous sense of humor. I’ll always remember Lousiville, but I can’t say the same for all the other bland ads.

  7. Hahahah falling over with side splitting laughter. I think it’s possible the Possibility City is being made fun of. And let me tell you there is no way these ads would make Louisville attractive to anyone in the 24-39 demographic. Damn, Louisville, it’s not possibility city – it’s provincial city! One day this town will stop trying to be something it isn’t and can’t become.

  8. DCE: Spot on!

    The key to Louisville’s future is being a better Louisville, building up all our natural pluses, not trying to be a weak version of Cincinnati or Indianapolis. For example, independent business culture is our specialty, but too many of us keep bemoaning that we don’t have enough big corporations relocating here. A rational city would build up the culture it has, rather than trying to adopt another city’s culture.

  9. No wonder we are thought of as a bunch of toothless, shoeless, tobacco chewing hicks by a lot of people. Why don’t they throw a little bit of that in with the tatoos or maybe a few barefoot and pregnant 14 year olds married to their first cousins. It used to be a joke at work in the break room when someone would have the Jerry Springer show on with his classy guests as to who could guess where they were from, Kentucky or Tennessee. It was usually one or the other. Glad we’re trying to improve our image. Designer of that advertisement should be fired. What an embarrassment.

  10. Those ads are an embarrassment. We should be finding ways to get people to relocate here with businesses and starting small businesses in this city. Not having stupid erectile dysfunction ads that are sophomoric at best.

    Sad but true is that the people downtown in Louisville have no idea how to get businesses here and good paying jobs. They are throwing crap such as that up in the air against the wall and hoping something sticks. It’s no wonder we have 10.6 percent unemployment in Jefferson Co when other regional cities currently have unemployment 1 or 2 percentage points lower. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Lower the taxes, cut government waste by the mayor, and work on cleaning up the city as well as the local education bureaucracy. Its no wonder why Louisville was 95th in income of the top 100 cities. Stupidity and these ads are part of that stupidity.

  11. What Louisville really suffers from is Electile Disfunction, and we’ve got a terminal case of it.

    Guess we should be thankful none of these ads featured Billy Bob teeth or folks spittin’ chew on camera. Maybe we should get Larry the Cable Guy to run for Mayor?

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