Fancy JCPS in Frankfort Rumor

We hear that not only are Jefferson County Public Schools lobbyists working to keep Sheldon Berman’s evaluations top-secret, but… check this out:

The hot gossip in Frankfort today is that JCPS is lobbying state legislators to allow superintendents the final say in hiring principals.

That may seem insignificant to many, but after all the recent drama involving Bloom Elementary and other mini-scandals we don’t have time to delve into… well… hoo boy. Mess, mess, mess.

Let’s all speculate in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Fancy JCPS in Frankfort Rumor

  1. “Education Power to the People”

    The latest JCPS maneuver to avoid open, public scrutiny is just another example of why top-down management does not work in public education. Teachers and parents need to have their voice heard from the start, in the middle, and at the end of the policy process. For too long public schools have been run by bureaucrats who practice CYA instead of care for children and the community. Berman is a prime illustration.

  2. I heard word of this yesterday.

    They are planning on stripping the power of the SBDM council.

    Word I am hearing is that Berman wants to bring someone in from Mass. to teach at a certain Louisville high school.

  3. Again, this “legislative priority” has been on their slate for years. It’s nothing new folks. The irony is that if JCPS followed SBDM law, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But JCPS has eviscerated the function of SBDM councils for years so that they are nothing but a joke. Shame on KDE and KSBA and the JCPS school board for not holding Daeschner and now Berman accountable for this.

    KY Association of School Councils holds the only contract to provide training for SBDM councils, yet JCPS does their own butchered training and gets away with it. For example, KASC principal hire training is three hours longs, JCPS principal hire training is 15 minutes long.

    Another example is that all returning SBDM members have to have 3 hours of KASC training from a KASC endorsed trainer, last year Berman,who is not an endorsed trainer, did three hours of explaining the new student assignment plan and they called that 3 hours of SBDM training.

    But hey, if no one is holding anyone accountable, we get the school system that we deserve.

    Checkout the Prichard Blog for the latest on how we stack up. There are multiple entries about “Just how weak is Jefferson County”:

  4. Remember Harry Truman: The Buck Stops Here. Someone needs to send a desk plate with this on it to all members of the school board–or offer each an operation to stiffen their spines.

  5. The problems with JCPS are many, with the utmost probably being that parental concerns seem to take a back burner to the personal interests of administrators and staff. My one encounter with Sheldon Berman was disappointing, as he seemed to want to deflect blame to his underlings for things that happened on his watch.

    The lack of consistency and accountability in Jefferson County schools is troubling. I think it is time that Jefferson County parents organize as one voice and start taking JCPS to task for not acting in the best interest of our kids.

  6. There isn’t a Bloom Elementary “scandal.” A teacher transferred…voluntarily! There are a VERY FEW in the midst that are trying to make something out of NOTHING!
    Bloom is a fantastic school with fantastic leadership, supportive paretns and hardworking and caring teachers.

  7. Something out of nothing? I guess that’s why investigators and mediators have been involved the past few weeks.

    Yeeeeah. Something out of nothing. Nice spin.

  8. JCPS investigates all complaints. Again, don’t read too much into this situation.
    We need to keep in mind those complaining. Hmm??

  9. Uh, no, the investigators aren’t just folks from JCPS.

    Again, nice spin.

    (If you want me to unload with everything I know? I totally will. I’ve been kind and have only touched on the situation until now. You won’t like it if I start publishing everything.”

  10. The JCPS needs a major overhaul and that also includes the school board. When you have a bunch of people on the board that have been there for years and more interested in talk rather than action, you’ll see what the results are. They aren’t pretty and that’s why companies don’t want to locate to Louisville with good paying jobs. High business taxes and low educational standards. It adds up to the mass of 10 to 13 dollar an hour jobs that are created here.

  11. I have heard that the problems at Bloom are about more than a teacher transferring. On that note, was it voluntary or forced? Was a chronically ill teacher put at any health risk for being forced to change rooms? Have you seen the 47 year medical records of the teacher in question. Are the best interests of the students considered? Is there favortism showed at the school? Are parents heard? Does SBDM have a voice? I think that Treva who is a teacher, needs to stay out of these discussions which she knows very little about. There are many issues that have happened at Bloom and this is not just about a teacher who left.

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