Changes with WAVE3’s Troubleshooter Coming?

Is WAVE3 Troubleshooter on the way out?

A posting on the Louisville Ad Federation’s job board from October 2 leads one to believe that the local NBC affiliate is looking for a new “Troubleshooter.” Take a look at the job description:

Investigative Reporter to lead our Troubleshooter Investigative Unit. No beginners. Minimum 3 years experience required, preferably with an investigative team or unit. Must have more than knowledge of investigative journalism but more important must have a track record of getting results, be aggressive with strong research skills and have solid legal and ethical news coverage knowledge, and understand how an investigative brand is incorporated into writing and preset. Must have a strong on-air presence, be able to write compelling copy for both broadcast and web, and command a delivery of content that engages the viewer. Defining moments, holding the powerful accountable, viewer advocacy and community issue driven content are foundations of our award-winning coverage. Only optimistic team-oriented attitudes need apply.

We’re unable to confirm whether or not Charla Young is leaving the popular post. Emails to station management have not yet been returned.

UPDATE: Just confirmed, but not through station management, that Young is leaving WAVE. We suspect it’ll occur sometime after November sweeps. Apparently she’s going to be running her side business, which has reportedly grown quite successful, on a full-time basis.

7 thoughts on “Changes with WAVE3’s Troubleshooter Coming?

  1. I’ll do it. Where do I sign up? I always thought Charla Young could have done much more with the job.

  2. I hope it’s a case that Ms. Young is moving on to bigger and better things.

    We’ll miss her in Louisville.

  3. I really liked Charla Young…..I would hope that WAVE tv has the sense to keep her, especially since so many seem to leave lately…….WE WANT CHARLA!!!!!!!

  4. I need to get in touch with the trouble shooter and don.t know how???Feeling very stupid right now-I have a Driveway that is not drying because a fly by night put whatever on it. I have name and am checking as much as I can. But it is going to cost me more bucks to take care of it. I want his bunch out off the streets so no one else goes through the many-How could u be so dumb from all my friends-and once more be able to go out my back door.78 and mad.Please tell me who to call?

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