Any Publicity is Good Publicity, Right?

LEO Weekly has published a portion of a private and confidential email that was illegally obtained from my email account (I’m cool with it) at the some time over 1,300 stories were mysteriously deleted and our Twitter accounts and Feedburner accounts were hijacked/passwords changed. An email that contained personal health information, no less, and private business information.

I won’t cause a stink over that, but I’ll go ahead and say this: the douchebag at the Courier-Journal who was/is behind the email (he knows who he is – he’s melted down in the comments of this site) getting sent around town, according to several media types, can suck it long and hard. And the individual(s) who took it upon themselves to originally obtain and illegally distribute my emails? Surely you know what karma is.

Without further ado, here’s a delicious excerpt that is sure to incite a riot of hot comments:

Beware of blog: Louisville’s media odd couple splits, stirring an online controversy

Long before mainstream news organizations mentioned Robert Felner — the former University of Louisville dean now charged with money laundering — Page One Kentucky was doggedly reporting on the scandal. Under the editorial control of Jacob Payne, the online news blog probed university officials for answers and exposed hundreds of pages of documents related to the matter. Also helping shed light on what would eventually spiral into a full-blown federal investigation was Rick Redding, the man formerly behind The ’Ville Voice, the sister website to Page One.

Over the past three years, the two — doing business as Full Signal Media — built a formidable pair of news-commentary websites that uncovered stories in politics, media and business that other organizations, quite frankly, either missed or ignored. Though their blog posts were often dotted with the usual gruff associated with online commentary, they offered ample news in addition to being an entertaining read.

All seemed to be going well, that is until Redding abruptly left his post at The ’Ville Voice on Sept. 25 — apparently without talking to his business partner — to begin writing for Louisville Mojo, a social-networking site. Since Redding’s departure, Payne has tried to dodge anonymous criticisms on his own site and to calm at least one investor amid the brewing controversy.

You’ll want to click here to read the rest of the juicy juicy (!) from Phillip M. Bailey.

For the record, I did respond to requests seeking comment. In an email to Stephen George, Sarah Kelley and Phillip Bailey on October 1, 2009, I said, “I won’t be making a statement about private business matters.” And on September 30th I told Phillip Bailey the same thing via telephone. I did not, however, respond to further requests for comment. Like it or not, I am a professional and operate a business that owns Full Signal Media Group’s network of websites and other interests. It would have been in poor taste, as far as my business is concerned, to offer comment. And I wasn’t about to put peoples’ jobs and income at risk.

Besides, all the rumors drive up our value. Everybody knows that I am an admitted media whore. So that’s no secret.

I appreciate Phillip’s handling of the story and can’t thank LEO Weekly enough for the oodles of free publicity. Much love to our king of alt-weeklies.

P.S. Extra-major thank-yous to LEO for putting “whiny ass titty babies” in print!

10 thoughts on “Any Publicity is Good Publicity, Right?

  1. Just to clarify, LEO Weekly has not indicated the source of the e-mail in question. In addition, Jake did say via off-the-record e-mail correspondence with LEO’s editorial staff that he would not be making a statement about private business matters.

    This story was about an important news source (Page One and The ‘Ville Voice) and the break-up of a media duo (Jake Payne and Rick Redding) that could not be ignored. In the end, I appreciate that Jake thought we handled the story well.

  2. I can reiterate that LEO didn’t indicate the source.

    But everyone else in town sure got the email from the C-J dude. And everyone and their mother has forwarded it to me.

  3. The CJ is a dinosaur, unfit for even lining a birdcage.

    Left leaning or not, Ville Voice is the future and The CJ can’t stand it.

  4. As someone who likes Rick’s work and Jake’s work (and also has had criticisms for both) I was sad to see this happened. While I understand that LouisvilleMojo has lots of presence in the area, I think Rick’s work gets lost in the clutter there.

    I hope Jake weathers this storm well and that we’ll see two great sources for local news and gossip between Rick and Jake. My guess is that this will still be the site I visit most, if only because it is much easier on my eyes than the mess at Mojo.

  5. What kind of site is Mojo? I just looked at it and can’t determine if it’s a news site or a networking site. Or, is it both? (not being snotty…just asking)

  6. I definitely appreciate Mojo’s mission, but its user interface makes me go cross-eyed. Too busy. Also, I’m not sure that it can be taken seriously as a local news site — its previous entertainment branding detracts from that. They might be better off creating a sister division.

    That said, Rick Redding’s presence will definitely be a benefit to their operation. He has gravitas.

    Further, I’m not saying this to butter anyone up, but The ‘Ville Voice and Page One are both very easy to visually digest, and this is from a middle-aged dude’s perspective. For now, VV/P1 beats Mojo hands down.

  7. Up to this point LouisvilleMojo has been the place where hipsters meet alcoholics for the purpose of giving each other herpes. good luck getting that crowd to read news.

    In the case of the Courier-Journal I have an idea for a tagline, in the sense of the NYT’s “All the News Fit to Print”:

    “The Courier-Journal: Stuff You Read On PageOne Yesterday”

  8. From the standpoint of design/format, I agree with Magruder. I can’t imagine that I’ll be visiting Mojo for news (or anything else, really).

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