This Guy Still Has a Job Thanks to Jerry

Seven months ago employees of Waste Management approached me about dog carcasses being dumped by Metro Animal Services. Unfortunately, no one wanted to provide me with photographic evidence. I was unable to do anything about it.

Fast forward to today:

So what’s happening to the animal bodies?

WLKY has confirmed with waste management they’re being dumped at the Outer Loop landfill.

“It sickens me. It breaks my heart beyond belief but I don’t think they should be treated like trash,” said Hensel.

MAS spokeswoman Jackie Gulbe said the goal is to start incinerating animal bodies again once the agency moves into its new building.

That move is being done in multiple phases and there’s no timeline for when it might happen. Gulbe said it could be years.

It’s a bit difficult to reconcile Melcohe’s claims of decreased euthanasia and increased adoption rates while he is at the same time opting for a larger incinerator (the last one he bid on could handle a rhino) and dumping hundreds of bodies in the city dump.

Meanwhile, Jerry Abramson and his apologists at the Courier-Journal continue to refer to Gilles Meloche as a change agent.

Kudos to Republican reporter Andy Alcock for having the guts to get at these stories. And to WLKY for doing the work that the Courier-Journal could never and would never do. Truly valuable journalism.

Jerry & Papaw Appoint Bi-State Bridges Authority

Oh, hey, it’s Friday. Time to bury fancy appointments.

Papaw Steve and Jerry McCheese made appointments to the Bi-State Bridges Authority today.


  • Joe Prather, former secretary of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
  • Charles Buddeke, president of Buddeke Industries
  • Jamie Fiepke, president & CEO of Kentucky Motor Transport Association


  • Sandra Frazier, founder or Tandem Public Relations
  • Dr. Charles Moyer, dean of UofL’s College of Business and Public Administration
  • Joe Regan, CEO of Greater Louisville Inc.
  • Benjamin Richmond, president & CEO of Louisville Urban League

What Planet is the Courier-Journal Ed Board On?

What the crap. There’s been nothing but watered-down coverage of the Gilles Meloche-Metro Animal Services scandal in the Courier-Journal. No mention of salacious language allegedly used by Meloche. No “gay love” quotes. Constantly referring to the man as a “change agent,” a la Jerry Abramson.

Why do we read that mess, anyway?

Check this glowing editorial praise heaped on Gilles Meloche today:

After four years, the controversial and sometimes stormy tenure of Dr. Gilles Meloche as director of the Louisville Metro Department of Animal Services is coming to an end. He will step down Dec. 31. He says he’s had enough of the sniping, and that personal attacks create too much pressure and too many distractions.

Some of the criticism — such as that he carelessly or incompetently permitted impounded animals to drown during the August flooding — is baseless. (The opposite was true; great rescue efforts were made under emergency conditions, with the result that almost all animals survived.)

Some of it stems from the crossfire of sometimes irreconcilable and strident demands of various animal-protection and dog-owner groups. Other comes from relentless political backbiting from critics such as Metro Councilman Kelly Downard.


Dr. Meloche deserves much of the praise he received from Mayor Abramson. He was indeed a “change agent” who “professionalized” the department, as the Mayor said. The Mayor’s Office insists that many more dogs and cats are adopted now than four years ago, and fewer are euthanized. That is a good thing by any reckoning.

The community should hope that the next director has better team-building skills and is more aware of what is inappropriate to say in an office setting.


It’s all just some misunderstanding and political mud slinging, isn’t it? Poor Dr. Meloche. Poor Jerry Abramson for trying to protect a great, deserving man.

I suppose all those facts in lawsuits – which Meloche lost – were fabricated for political purposes? Guess Meloche’s well-documented poor treatment of animals is a sham?

And where’s the evidence that Kelly Downard is playing politics?

Friday Morning Time Wasters for You

John Yarmuth secured $1 million+ for Louisville projects: $500K for emergency generators for Metro Government, $350K for UofL’s meteorology and atmospheric science program, $103K for Army Corps of Engineers’ Mill Creek feasibility study, $97K for Army Corps of Engineers’ inspection of completed works.

Some realtors are taking issue with apparent Waterfront Park Place misrepresentations in the Courier-Journal. [Check It]

The University of Louisville has named Dr. Jonathan Hodes chairman of neurological surgery. [Press Release]

Louisville gets $15 in Homeland Security funding. [Jim Carroll]

Humana could get another shot at that TRICARE contract after all. [Business First]

Check out the first civil suit filed against Meloche. [Fat Lip]

Jerry Abramson says Louisville is ready for snow. But we remember the ice storm and the wind storm and the cleanups of both situations. [C-J]

Churchill Downs begins its action-packed 120th Fall Meet on Sunday, November 1. It’ll run through Saturday, November 28th. You going? [Press Release]

Construction is ramping up at the Big Four Bridge. [Broken Sidewalk]

Jessy Pauley finally received his $64,000 settlement from the Coronor’s office/Ron Holmes. [Jessie Halladay]

Fairdale Bigfoot is running for mayor. And he writes an advice column each week. [Consuming Louisville]

WHAS11 Deserves Mega Mega Awards

The station just used the Meloche-Abramson “gay love” quote on-air.

Aaaaand… the station asked Abramson’s office for a comment!

I am officially in love with Melissa Swan. Sorry, Marilyn Parker, our love affair is OVER. It’s now all about Melissa.

Sending her a fancy thank-you gift, PRONTO.

Thank goodness for the Slingbox and it’s ability to let me watch news from afar.

Local UAW Endorses Greg Fischer

United Auto Workers Local 862 just announced the endorsement of Greg Fischer in the Louisville mayoral race.

Mark Dowell, chair of UAW’s Community Action Program, said, “Greg Fischer’s record of job creation and innovation is unrivaled by any of the other candidates. In these hard economic times he has the kind of integrity, experience and leadership that working families can depend on.”

From the press release:

Fischer, found of global manufacturing company SerVend International, said, “I want to thank Mark, the leadership at UAW and all of the union members for their important endorsement. The hardworking men and women of the UAW know firsthand how tough the economy has been on workers, their families and the entire community. Good jobs are so important to Louisville’s economy. We are going to compete to win new investment in the auto industry and create more work opportunities from day one.”

The UAW is expected to have a significant presence at Fischer for Mayor’s public kick-off event this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the campaign headquarters at 300 Distillery Commons on Lexington Road, between Payne Street and Headliners Music Hall. The event will take place rain or shine.

I’ll just bite my tongue about Fischer moving all those jobs he created to Indiana. Because I guess that’s technically the metro area.