Yes, Sex Will Surely Sell Possibility City

OK, so it’s time to share another of those Possiblity City spots, the one you may have missed between the meatball and brownie-server spots during Saturday’s Cats-Cards football game on cable.

This one we like, mainly because it steals its concept directly from those goofy, but professionally-produced erectile dysfunction spots,and features several couples goofing around and getting ready, you assume, to have sex. Which is fun, and that’s what this whole Possibility City craze is all about.

The script includes winning lines like “a more satisfying, recreational, occupational and personal experience.” I’m just waiting for the two bathtubs sitting on a hillside overlooking a lush valley. Nope, but the couple playing under the tire swing is cool enough.

“Happiness lasting longer than four hours is perfectly normal.”  Ha Ha.

We get it.