What’s Jay Gonna Say After Tonight

What Will Jay Say? No, not Cardosi. Tonight’s is Jay Leno’s debut in primetime at 10 on NBC. Lots of media wags will be watching nationally, and locally, to see if Leno’s show will shake up local ratings. Can he pull WAVE out of third place at 11? Doubt it. Will he do better than the usual NBC fare? Maybe, but nationally there’s little optimism that the show is going to boost news lead-ins on NBC affiliates.

The show should do pretty well tonight – perhaps the most-hyped debut of all time. And Jerry Seinfeld’s on the show.

And Kanye West, who may have done the dissing of Taylor Swift to hype up the Leno show.

But it’s hard to imagine the show doing that great five nights a week.

Of course, Jay’s also up against the Raiders on MNF tonight.

The Riggs is Up For It: Wouldn’t it be something if the guy who used to send out press releases for county judge Rebecca Jackson ends up as the police chief in Corpus Christi, Texas? Troy Riggs is in the final two for the chief’s job in Texas. He’s an assistant chief here and a media favorite. Maybe Riggs should run for Mayor. [Courier]

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Odd Choice:  Anybody wondering why Hal Heiner is doing his campaign announcement down at Waterfront Park, a place that Jerry Abramson will be touting as a major victory for his administration?

Nunn Moves to Jail: The big story over the weekend — what will happen to Steve Nunn. Finally, he was released from the hospital today and moved to the Hart County Jail. But he hasn’t yet been charged with murder. He will. Soon. [Courier]

The Big 5-0: Tomorrow is my pal Mark Hebert’s 50th birthday. Fifty. 5-0. Ancient.