What To Do With Us This Weekend

Finally Friday and time to celebrate some good things in Possibility City. You might fund the V.V. . . .

Tonight at the Green Building: There’s a reception for the release of the latest Gill Holland project, the Louisville Counts book.  It’s a kids’ counting book with 22 bits of trivia and accompanying art from these local artists: Chris Radtke, Nico Jorcino, Jacob Heustis, Cynthia Reynolds, Natasha Sud, Monica Mahoney, Gibbs Rounsavall, Bryce Hudson, Amanda Bishop, J.B. Wilson, McKinley Moore, Julius Friedman, Lloyd Kelly, Russel Hulsey, Billy Hertz, Letitia Quesenberry, Thea Lura, Ashley Cecil, Sarah Lyon, Valerie Fuchs, Skylar Smith and Stephen Irwin. The reception is from 5-9. [Green]

Girl Jockey Catfight: Plan to get home by 9, or use that DVR, to catch the third episode of Jockeys on Animal Planet, in which Chantal Sutherland and Kayla Stra are featured in some sort of tussle. It’s a great show. At 9. [Animal Planet]

Card Fight: How come nobody’s offered the VV some tickets to Saturday’s night’s game at Papa John’s against Indiana State? Me and Luke may go tailgating for a while, but would really dig some free tix. The good news – the Cards are going to win!

Better Bluegrass: So off we’ll go Saturday night for the family fun at the Bluegrass Music Festival at the Water Tower. Can’t wait to see me some of those Bee-Liners. [Bluegrass]

Sunday Golf: Will be gathering up the gang Sunday for a $20 round of golf  on Metro Parks. Four of us get to play nine holes, with cart, for 20 bucks. Can’t beat that. [Metro Parks]

Monday Bike: This has become my favorite holiday weekend event. Thousands of us will bring our bikes to the Waterfront and speed off for Iroquois Park and back. The best thing — getting a free bike check, and t-shirt, and other goodies before and after the race. [Hike & Bike]